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Was this a good or bad thing?

I always thought Oratoire st Martin pretty brilliant, but haven’t had since 2005 due to suppliers issues. You can imagine that i brought into this very quickly when it appeared on the list.

I’m not surprised by the balsamic note, but would think there some more solid black fruit too.
Was it ready did you think?


Hmmmm yeah you could use ‘balsamic’ too. I take it in context that at a 20+ wine tasting no wine will taste of its true self. It wasn’t for me - The Musar also tasted frankly a bit weird compared to previous sampling. I don’t think it’s fair to say whether I felt the wine was a good/bad bottle, it’s one of those things you can only really do by itself.

I think the Argentine Malbec was pretty fruity so the Rhone following that would’ve been relatively peppery and balsamic maybe…?

All good experience as a result of these tastings! God help me at this year’s Decanter event…100+ to get through in 7 hours.


Hey sorry you said Worcester sauce I just mentally translated it to balsamic. Similar area of taste I’d have thought.

I wouldn’t think of drinking mine yet so maybe a little time in bottle.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Put it this way, the mystery wine I thought was a soft, fairly bland malbec was actually a crozes hermitage jaboulet which i remember being fairly peppery and bold when I had an entire bottle without anything preceding it! Shows what I know!


Well, I tried the Exhibition Hermitage 2014 in the showroom today and now I get what the fuss is about. Not a great vintage? Maybe. Too young? Yeah. But wow what a wine. And actually with a decant you could approach it now. If I were buying I’d wait a while though

I can’t afford a case for reserves at present as they’re only in 12s but sorely tempted by a bottle or two for home storage


I’ve just bought a 2014 Exhibition Hermitage for Christmas (trying to make up a case whilst buying the wines for the tasting on Thursday) and now really looking forward to it. Now have to decide to leave it open for Santa or wait a bit longer?? First JLC Hermitage but have his Offerus and Mon Coer negociant wines which are great. Do others have a view on the Hermitage?


Over the past 2 years I have bought the 2005/07/10/and 14.
I only bought a couple of the 07’s and kept them for a year, They have been brilliant.
The 05’s get repatriated this Christmas, bought 6.
Tried the '10 and it was young but with a few decanted hours was lovely.
The '14 bought a case for reserves but shipping a couple of odd bottles for future assessment.
I do wonder though what other vintages of the Exhibition Hermitages Marcel has in cellars waiting for release? We have had access to 4 vintages over 2 years. really surprised that the '14 was let go.
Maybe we have a shedful of the 2015 & 16 in our future?
My opinion is that the Exhibition Hermitage with a good few years of bottle age has been a terrific vehicle to see how great the terroir & Domaine Chave is!! :wink::grinning:


Thanks @Taffy-on-tour, I may well just hang onto the 14 for another year.


I’d say you could approach the 2014 now but it’ll certainly improve with more bottle time. I was surprised how well it was showing having drunk much older Hermitage that still clearly needed much more time


There is a Rhone Growers’ Tasting coming up on 18 February in London and the day after in Leeds if anyone is interested.


Beaucastel 2017 just released £30/case cheaper than VT. Could be tempting if it gets a good press. Brunier over-reaching a bit I think.


Any news on Coudelet de Beaucastel 2017? Will it be as good a year as 15 and 16?



This 2014 has just been released at £19.50/bottle.
J L-L 4*, Vinous 93

As far a Beaucastel 2017, Jeb has rated it 95-97, the Vieux Telegraphe 2017 93-95
Beaucastel is down 40% on quantity in 2017.
The Vieux Telegraphe 2016 (Jeb 96-98) is still available on the Society’s remainder list at £220.


Jeb rated the 2017 Coudoulet at 89-91, the 2016 Coudoulet which was a no brainer buy, 92 pts.:grinning:


Thanks for that do u recall the rating for the 15?


Any news from N Rhône 2017 yet? I hear good.


Coudoulet Rouge 2015 from Jeb 92 pts.

Hope this helps.


There are some very good N Rhone reds.
The scores have not for the most part been released as yet.
Personally having purchased several HGV loads from 2015/16, I will be very selective. :open_mouth:
We have been fortunate to have had access to several vintages of the Exhibition Hermitage.
The likes of Chave Mon Coeur, Offerus, Sarrasine & Libian are given purchases.
This Raspail 2014 is a very good buy.
And there is still some great stuff on the website.


Many thanks…probably have to leave these resting a bit longer…


Any of the 2014 offer worth getting?