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The Rhône Rangers

I bought one of these for Christmas… all good… there was indeed an odd one out (the PJ Villa) which was the best of the lot… so good that I immediately ordered a 6 pack and acquired some 19 in the recent EP!

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Out of stock already

Happy to be the outler here but although I haven’t had the 2010 Germine, the 2005 isn’t fully into its stride yet so I certainly wouldn’t expect a great deal of complexity yet but the Duclaux brothers make seriously good( if not quite Premier league) CR’s, so I’d definitely recommend buying and cellaring some of those in such a great year. Jaboulet’s wines aren’t for me, I’m afraid. Too many other small, high quality domaines in every AOC which I’d buy every time over the PJA alternatives- Rousset’s Picaudieres for a Crozes, for example.


Those who went for this from TWS (£85 per 6) did well as another merchant is offering it £18 ib.


The 2018 Picaudieres was available on the Rhone Remainder List just before last Christmas.
£80 IB per six for an almost 4.5* J L-L rated Crozes, was a bargain. :+1: :dragon:

I have a few Exhibition wines coming - the Crozes 2015 and Gigondas 2016. How have people found these? I’ve never had the Gigondas before, and the last vintage of the Crozes I had was 2006, I was amazed to discover, according to my notes I thought it was great.

I imagine the Crozes is ready to go but I wonder if I should hang onto the Gigondas for a while.


I’m through 5 out of 12 of the Crozes, it’s great but needs a good bit of air for the farmyard smell to blow off. When it does it’s lovely, nicely balanced but still a bit structured for me to enjoy without food. Certainly no rush to drink up. Hope you enjoy, I’d be interested how you find it.


I’ve been drinking some 2016 Gigondas for a while now, and definitely good to go. If I remember correctly the Exhibition Gigondas comes from St Cosme and will be suitable for earlier drinking. I’m sure it would keep for a while yet, but starting to be good now I would think.


Great to see the ‘15 Exhibition Crozes has popped up again, like a dear old friend you never expected to bump into. It’s a terrific food wine and, having drunk my ‘last’ bottle about a month ago, I can now order some more!


Are you sure i cant see it…??

Looks like its gone already - was on yesterday pm and first thing this morning :sob::sob:

What’s this?



So the Clos des Cazaux mentioned on the Zoom tasting is not the Bin series… that’s my bet gone.


Mine too… Darn it

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Thanks for the headsup…!!

Don’t know if this is newly added, but this could be something for this Christmas.


But given that Clos des Cazaux made it, it should be a lovely bottle. It is £2 per bottle LESS THAN the current Guigal CdR, which is great value. Some might get sniffy that it is NV, so what I say!! We have had a rake of very, very good Southern Rhone vintages and from a pre-eminent S Rhone Domaine we ignore it - at our peril!! :open_mouth: :rofl:
I cannot wait to taste it. :+1: :dragon:


There seems to be more than 100 cases - I currently have £5,700 worth in my basket! Think I’d better empty it, quick.




We have been asked NOT TO post such information. :dragon: