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Thank you. I expect a glass of Thalabert would do wonders but perhaps :bouquet: first!


It pains me to say, but after a recent lambasting regarding my posts, I decided to step back.
But for you, a recent addition to the Community; I would put it back in the rack, develop a case of early onset Alzheimer’s which you miraculously recover from in 3 years and then have a crack at it. :rofl: :+1: :dragon:


I have broken and decided to open my only bottle of Graillot St Joseph 2016…


I had a bottle recently, didn’t think it needed one tbh. Maybe an hour if you like, but it was rich and fragrant straight out.

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I found that many of the 2009 Croze’s that have tasted, too big and rich for my palate.
Some may prefer the less evolved iteration, I’m not a fan but it is a matter of preference.
That is why I council to have several bottles of a wine (if you can) so that you can track development and discover where in the life of a wine, you will enjoy it most.
I will say that a number of much 2009 better Croze’s found their Waterloo down my sink.
But being patient, I am hoping that they calm down during their evolution and resolving into a zone where I can enjoy them. :open_mouth: :dragon:

Thanks for all the advice. I think 3 years may test my patience a little! I’ll go with shortly before the meal and see how it evolves over the evening I think.


Bloody lovely it is too.

Sod Gonon. Graillot is the way to go.


On a more basic level i had a superb bottle of 2015 guigal cdr at the weekend… Wondering if 2016 will be just as good


Well I have not tried the 2015 but had the 2016 two weeks back and really enjoyed it. This was my first ever Guigal and after last November’s zoom TWS with Guigal and the recent EP discussions I was tempted by the Majestic wine offer of 2017 St. Joseph at £18.99 down from their £25.99, finishing yesterday. It arrived today but I have a problem - the three bottles I ordered are 2016.

Reading the Guigal site and the press reviews they posted I think the 2017 is a better wine and I should get back to them for a swap. Any feeling here on the better year.

Had my number 5 of 6 last week to celebrate the EP allocations, delicious. Nose of blackcurrants and chantile creame. A pallet of black fruit compot with Loganberry and blueberry to the fore. Wonderfully judged oak, finishing long on spice and a touch of eucalyptus.
It made me think as I picked up on the loganberry, which I grow in the garden and use to make cracking jam along with about 20% raspberries. Do the critics mean loganberries when the talk of black raspberries in their tasting notes? I 've never come across a black raspberry before.

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I’m on the Thalabert '05 tonight. Mrs WB remarked after a quick decant and pour that this was “really good”; high praise indeed. With a sausage and apple spicy thing unless I finish it before that is ready…it is quite delicious.

EDIT I bought 3 so in a dire emergency a second can be opened. Then again it is only Tuesday.


Have a bottle coming this week so I am looking forward to drinking that soon :+1:t2:


I’m saving one of my two bottles of Thalabert 2005 to help celebrate the “unlikely win” in Cardiff next weekend. :coat: :running_man: :taxi: :dragon:


Just started getting into Rhône wine and was looking at buying a bottle of both of these.

What do people think and do you have any other recommendations?

Is this still available??

The Thalabert is arguably the most popular wine on this forum. I doubt you’ll find anyone that’ll tell you it’s not worth going for.


Great I’ve ordered both and cannot wait to try them


I’ll be very interested to hear what you make of the Cote Rotie. I’ve not tried it, but it’s by far my favourite Rhone appellation when I can push the boat out (which I can’t right now, ironically because I bought some Cote Rotie in the En Primeur offer, which your bank balance is grateful you’ve just missed, but 2030 you will be annoyed at missing).


Considering the hype the reviews are terrible

I’ll let you know my feedback when i try it, think it’ll be my first to try as it is near the end of its drinking window.