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The Rhône Rangers


You have to remember that the Rhone is being universally rediscovered and prices are not only on the up but are already in first growth Bordeaux territory price wise for the best.
Both the Cote-Rotie and the Hermitage are barely as big as the larger Bordeaux chateau on their own so they cannot make more wine so as in Burgundy it will become prohibitively more expensive, and yes the Chinese will probably make it almost unavailable or start buying the vineyards.

As for Bordeaux, I have just seen this, if the wine bubble bursts there are going to be a lot of burnt fingers, the figures here are mind blowing for what is agricultutral land.


Maybe the price reductions will meet you in the middle :wink:


It would appear that some new Rhone wines have been released.
To my mind the most notable is:
Nicolas Perrin Saint Joseph 2015 at £19 / bottle

There are others.


Marks and Spencer are apparently re-jigging the “fine wine” list and are clearing the present one at a 25% discount.
I was in a hurry so I only scanned the shelves and behind some Bandol I saw a bottle of Gilles Barge 2013 Cote Rotie Combard @ £21.
Got home and J L-L rated it highly in 2017 !!!


Snap! I felt very smug when I found mine:


I have a case of the 2014 Le Combard from a WS En Primeur offer in storage. Will try and track a bottle of this down for a hint of what lies ahead.


Also reappeared is this:

I am sat with a glass now and would recommend it to all fans of spicy, Mourvèdre driven southern Rhone - and it will continue to improve. 4.5 stars JLL and 2* in hachette des vins.


I’ve tried this for the first time quite recently - it’s really excellent as you say.


I have one of those laid down. Was planning on leaving it a bit longer yet.


BIG release of ALL SORTS

Get delving 'cos the best ones will have gone toute suite!!


Yes but frustrating that TWS are effectively doing a bin end sale without the sale. Only a few discounted and those mainly Champagnes.


I agree but you cannot fault me for letting everybody know.
Maybe someone is missing a couple of Grange vintages!!:open_mouth:


Yes, I had quick look through and some of the top end bottles were eye watering prices! Note at the other end of the scale that the Vinsobres Clos des Echalas mentioned a couple of posts up is in that list.


Does that mean you’re not in for the Chave '90?


Nah got half a dozen laid down already… cough, cough!


A dud of an offer on a Thursday afternoon.
They might have included a few “to die for” wines at terrific prices, to justify the blurb.
Now we know what the WS Marketing Dept. do as the week shuts down, & it’s only Thursday.
I bet they are all laughing.
As the Who said “Won’t get fooled AGAIN!!”


Oh I don’t know, some great wines on the list and if I hadn’t pretty much gone over my yearly budget already I’d be tempted by a mixed case.

Particularly drawn to all the Vouvrays!


As The Rolling Stones said…


As Disney said:


Or at least, that’s what I was thinking when I saw this had sold out before I had the chance to grab any…