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The Rhône Rangers

It should be just a matter of entering it (‘DRINKBETTER’) as a coupon code at checkout - does that work?

I got it as I’m on their mailing list from buying some Meerlust Rubicons a couple of months ago…I don’t think it’s an exclusive code.


I’m the same - my wine expenditure has gone through the roof since lockdown started, and I hold the good people in this community heavily responsible!

The significant upside is that my enjoyment per pound/unit of alcohol has also massively increased, and I’ve discovered lots of brilliant wines from lesser known regions. I also have a good stock of wine stuffed in countless nooks and crannies at home which will hopefully provide years of enjoyment.

Although I’m a sucker for bargains from other retailers like this Hermitage offer, in my experience TWS is unbeatable for consistent quality and variety.


Thank you.
I just went for the summer2021 coupon code and got a 10% off. Still ok as I missed the TWS offer the last time so am glad manage to put 4 btls thru.

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Thanks! I am a sucker for a promo code. Another vivino order placed to join yesterday’s Hermitage vivino order. Add it to the Waitrose offer and I think it’s best if I put wine buying blinkers on for at least a month. Thankfully Bordeaux EP for me looks to be missable this year to balance out


The one thing I think it’s helping is patience. With more wine in the cellar there is more to try. Alas space is a little problem. I used to store wine in a cupboard under the stairs in the centre of the house with little temperature variance and no light. The wine does not fit anymore and it’s overflowed to the garage which gets a little too cold in winter and gets transferred to a spare bedroom for a few months. Thank goodness the wife does not know what is in TWS reserves🤫.

I used to buy mainly Bordeaux and Rhône but after a little WSET education and the odd holiday it’s expanded to Barolo and the odd mixed EP case of Burgundy.:slightly_frowning_face:


I use a different strategy, I tell the wife and then ignore her protests…


I have some experience in sleuthing temperature control…for my beer brewing activities. It would not be difficult to create an insulated space in your garage and use something like this Inkbird Digital Thermostat. Into which you would plug in a small heater such as a greenhouse heater. You may not need anything for the cooling side. I would stick in a cold wet towel on the 2 days a year you might need to bring the temp down. Otherwise you’d plug in a small cooling device.

You can get cheaper versions of this excellent controller but with this particular one, it is connected to your wi-fi and via the app you can monitor temperature and, importantly, set alarms so if the temp strays beyond desired parameters, which for you might mean it is too warm, if you need to manually intervene with a cold wet towel, you will be told about it via a phone app. Once upon a time when I had in person business meetings I loved showing my colleagues how I could start my lagering process from the meeting room using my phone. Love tech (when it works as intended!!)

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I went for this PJA Petite Chapelle 2013 in the end.

£37.25 per 6 cheaper than the TWS case price that was offered a month or so ago.

Many thanks for the heads up :+1:


I do think that all of us who purchased the PJA Petite Chapelle will be delighted with our purchase.
But, how it is kept post purchase will define how well it is enjoyed.
Society reserves and those with wine fridges are in pole position.
If you have a stable temperature cellar, you are fortunate indeed.
Otherwise, the longer you keep your bottles, the less constant the storage environment, it will not be a like with like comparison.
I have been there, and serious insulation and a good max/min thermometer was my solution. :dragon:

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I thank you, my wallet says otherwise.

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Case of 6 arrived this morning unscathed via Parcel Force, which isn’t something you hear often. The current and so far sole wine fridge now full and off to review Wine fridges for further guidance.

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Well wine just arrived in a nice sturdy box inside another box but not the 4 PJA ordered. Inside were 3 and a Tenuta Sant’Antonio Amarone Della Valpolicella. A somewhat cheaper wine offered at a 25% discount to get their sale price of £25.75. This is my first ever purchase from Vivino so no idea what their after service is like. That said I do like the very infrequent Amarone I drink. Anyone know much on this one - will also post question on The Italian Inquirer thread.

Take your point and the juggling act of space means TWS reserves are essential not just for ensuring my wife concentrates on the quality of wine I provide her with and not the quantity (of quality wine😌) The garage overflow is only intended for wine to be consumed in 12 months. The central stair cupboard has happily held and handed out 1998 Brane Cantenac, 2007 Domaine Thalbert and 2005 Labergorce Zede last year so think it’s Ok for 10 to 15 years storage as we have been in current house 18 years.


That’s interesting about under the stairs - I had hoped that my cupboard there would be a place to store “immediate-ish consumption wines”, but the variability is more than I expected. In winter and through to April it seemed to maintain a steady 16-17c, but it is now more like 22c. The changes are always gradual, no more than 1.5c either way (if that) in any given day, it is a gradual curve upwards since April rather than any up-down-up-down graph, but it still makes me nervous. Other than Champagne there is nothing in there that cost more than £15 a bottle, but nonetheless 60 x £15 does rather add up. The eurocave is a lovely 11c, and is always full., As soon as there is a slot I take one out of the cupboard under the stairs and use the space, but in reality the 200ish capacity is not sufficient to maintain (in my view) a balanced cellar.


I share the same opinion. Personally when I got my wine fridge after a long research I knew it wouldn’t allow me to have a great variety.

Well in Scotland and have a house built on a slope so you come in the front and go up stairs to get to the kitchen/dining room that open out to the garden further up the slope so the cupboard in a way is underground at the back in a way with the 2nd wall in common with a double width/ double height garage. It is 18c today after a hot few days for Scotland.

With the community induced spend I have just done a quick google search and some sights have had 60% price drops. Suspect impact of Covid on restaurant trade is rippling through to such items.

I have 2. Supplemented by TWS Reserves. I long after a real cellar, of course. #FirstWorldProblems.

Seeking a bit of guidance. I have a friend coming over. Want to have relatively nice wine that goes with burgers.

Have pulled out a Guigal CdR from 2017. Is this long enough ago for it to be hitting its prime in members experience or wait a bit longer?

I have some other good options but having read the reviews on the Guigal I thought it would go well.

Thanks in advance.

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This article would appear to back up your choice.

I like it! Probably has a few more years to go but decant it and cool it down a tad and should be perfect with a meaty dinner and friends! In fact, going to get one out the garage, get it in the decanter and try to leave it until the footy starts now you’ve got me thinking!! Cheers!