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The Rest of the Year

It’s good that you aren’t forced to buy from the EP offers you aren’t interested in then.



EP Offers and others
A different way of selling the wine.
As members, we gain by deferring the Duty & Vat until withdrawal.
There is much great wine out there.
I would rather the opportunity to buy it.
No one twists my arm.
I can ignore the offer/opportunity.
One could always unsubscribe to the Offers by post and email.
And many other wine retailers can be more or even much expensive.
But in the mean time - :wave: :wave: :wave: :wink: :dragon:


Great minds!! :wink: : :+1: :dragon:

Sorry Taffy, most of what you say might well ring true except the prices comment. usually, there is only a few bob in the EP prices from many of the top retailers. I’m always happy to pay another £5 a case for the certainty of obtaining what I want.

I could have made this post.

I also have actual spaces in my drinking wine racks at the moment too, so they’ll need filling ASAP.


My plan is simple but with heavy caveats.

  1. Somewhere between 24 and 48 bottles of EP Brunello (quantity depends on what other temptations arise).

  2. Maybe a 6 case of Brumont’s La Tyre, depending on vintage quality, plus some Bouscasse and Montus to keep supplies up.

  3. 2016 Vigna del Sorbo, Flaccianello, Ceniprimo and Colledila (last two are Ricasoli crus), depending on prices. I’m worried that the Flacc price will be silly, though, as it got a few 100 point ratings, but maybe that’s where TWS can offer an advantage. £75 or less and I’m in; more than that just doesn’t seem worth it, even for a ‘masterpiece.’

  4. Targeted strike on EP Cote-Rotie early in 2021.

This is all dependant on what else TWS unleashes in the coming months. More 2010 Barolo? 2010 brunello Riserva? Who knows.

I do worry about keeping enough room (in terms of time to drink them) to keep exploring other things, such as Austria and Greece or a few favourites from Australia and the US (Once & Future?), and of course some Rieslings from Alsace, Austria and Germany.

So much to enjoy at the moment! :crazy_face:


I’ve been more disciplined this year, buying Rhone and Bordeaux in much smaller quantities and letting the Contino pass. I do plan on going in for Rubicon and Montus again. Brunello, Vergelegen and LRA has my attention but would really have to twist my arm.

Other things on my mind at the moment are more Lebanon-supporting Musar purchases and some of the 2017 Rhones at L&W.

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I’m still new to this and EP in particular so having some (expensive) fun researching and building a cellar. Germany EP is in my list and always looking for advice from the TWS community. Will also check out the suppliers offers from next week.

You should note that Marcel did not offer Cote Blonde or Brune from the 2018 vintage.
Ampodium was a £50 DP bottle. The scores for all three wines in 2019 were the same for 2018. Prices will NOT go down.
And I see that the Cote Blonde is around £200 for the 2015.
L & W have it by the bottle.
A preemtive strike would be to buy a few bottles today, if you were determined to drink them. The problem will be to get guaranteed stock, when everyone and his brother is looking for the better or best wines
I would ring up J&B or L&W and ask them if you bought 2018, then would they honour a case of the 2019. More than one way to skin a cat!!
There will be lot’s of Cote Rotie hype, it won’t last long, it never does and then be forgotten.
You just need a plan!!
I’ve got mine!! :wink: :+1: :dragon:

Any idea when the German offer will appear? Some hints in the Cecilia Jost session this evening that there would be German in the Christmas offer, as well.

I thought it was later this month for the Germany EP. How was the Jost session? I had to miss it sadly.

Germany EP: yes, it is listed for this month, but so are various others.

Jost: excellent session, especially the details of how they are adapting to changing climate in existing vineyards and by moving up the hill. Definitely worth finding the recording on YouTube.


You say that, and the pdf of the 2018 EP offer on the website supports you, but have a look at this:

The 4th item looks awfully like some 2018 Rostaing Cote Blonde! I’ve a feeling an updated list was circulated at some point but the other version is the one on the site now. I am understandably excited about that one and the Delas Hermitage, at some point in the future.


What does that feel like ? Cause soon I’ll not be able to get the car in the garage :weary::see_no_evil:


It’s taken a lot of work to get there (and some rather heated discussions about amounts of wine and sizes of fabric stash in the flat). I suffered genuine anxiety when I discovered it (stupid brain weasels), but that’s mostly been replaced by excitement at an impending shopping spree!


Sounds like the next Bin release would be good for you. Whatever, and whenever, that might be.


That’s great :grinning:… I think for the first time ever, I am seriously thinking abut digging down , however Mr.Leah has a 40 ft container on a near by farm and well … that may be a better option for now …


Hm Germany for me, and like you @Taffy-on-Tour I’ve got some (possibly unfounded) hopes on a Champagne purchase. Deutz NV is on the list these days and maybe :pray::pray: @Sarah is waiting to unleash the 2012 Vintage Deutz for Christmas


The shrinking size is mostly motivated by an impending (eventually it’ll happen!) move, which will give me a lot more wine space (and rumour has it the person who shall never be called Mrs Pig a bigger fabric stash, I remain unconvinced).


Ooohhh. We like Deutz.

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