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The Rest of the Year

So Brunello will be upon us soon, Chapoutier/Ferraton a few days late and much more besides.
What if anything, or improbably everything do you intend buying before the year ends?
I will request a little Brunello because I have none in my reserves, Raspail-Ay 2016, Bolly PN VZ 15 NV (if listed :pray: @Sarah @SteveF) and some NV Bolly from the Christmas offer.
For the rest of the year, I am determined to put the brakes on. :open_mouth:
Mind you, if some Mont Redon 2016 shows up ( :pray: :bowing_man: @owmarcel) then I will almost certainly capitulate. :blush: :dragon:


I doubt I’ll be getting any more EP this year. I’ve liked what little Brunello I have had but not enough to be buying in cases. I have an order of some Spanish due in towards the end of this month and I might top that up with a few sitting in my wish list. But apart from that I’m probably not getting too much more this year.


No more EP for me. I’ve bought Rhone, Burgundy and Claret already this year.

Nothing in the remaining calendar that I need or want (well possibly Brunello).

I’ve promised myself for my next purchase I’m going to try some wines I haven’t had before, probably from somewhat off the beaten tracks that are my comfort zone. Any suggestions welcome.


I’ve got nearly everything on my hit list for this year. Got the Rhone and Burgundy and Barolo ep I requested (sans Burlotto). Got some Ulysse, Once&Future and Volpaia reserva. Ignored the Bordeaux in favour of the Brunello to come.
It looks like a lot written down but I’ve been more disciplined than I might have been a year or two ago.
Unless some Fontodi 2016 appear or there is some Hermitage I can afford then I’m done.

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I’m waiting on word of the Red/White Burgundy 2019 EP Offer.
And I cut that one down.
Great vintages = potentially high spending years, but there has to be a limit!! :open_mouth:
Some bad storms, hail, frosts etc next Spring would be bad for vignerons, but a welcome respite for overloaded consumers.
Enough is almost enough!! lol :dragon:

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Look out for this cuvee:

The downside was it cost £44 per bottle.
The upside, it was ready to drink and has been terrific.
Wines like these pop up occasionally.
A cheaper alternative might be a good Crozes from 2010 like the du Colombier Gaby. :+1: :dragon:


I’m only interested in Raspail-Ay 2016. And possibly Germany 2019. Oh and I’ll go big big on Brunello. But that’s it. Unless I’m tempted by Vergelegen. Or some Champagne for Christmas. Or any 2016s from Italy or Spain that might appear. Otherwise nothing. I’m running low on Sherry. But really I’m done.


Oh I forgot Ferraton.


I think that the Fontodi C/C 2016 is history.
I bought a case - Oct 2019.

Some of the comments by reviewers amuse me, proving that the palates of the Membership are truly diverse. :open_mouth: :cry: :dragon:

Given this year’s spending, I really wouldn’t mind next year being a quiet one… sadly Bordeaux seems to have had a happy 2020, and I haven’t yet heard any complaints from the rest of France either!


Ah good! Multiples of five are still good news for claret :+1:

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I suspect @Lewis is referring to Fontodi’s Vigna del Sorbo and Flaccianello, each of which I’m looking out for as well.


The price may be eyewatering!! :cry: :open_mouth: :dragon:

That will resolve the issue.


I aim to support the society’s upcoming supplier deals dependending on what we see.

From the list I’ll likely keep an eye open on the Rhones, perhaps some fizz or mature Bordeaux near Christmas, but for Brunello I’ll probably go for a mixed case of mature wines to find out what I like.

Choices, choices… :grin: :astonished:


Oh yeah and these. Any guesses as to who they might be ?

Oh I forgot Ferraton

Not much then :grinning:

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Talking of too many offers - too much wine.


I’m drinking as quickly as possible to help out!


Sorry, but for me there are just too many EP offers these days. Unnecessary and making what was something to look forward to (as in Bdx) rather commonplace. I particularly dislike the ‘ask and hope’ system so, sadly, I think I’ll be buying EP’s somewhere else in future as per this year, leaving more wine for the faithful.