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The Real Christmas [2018] Offers



So, the Christmas pages have been live on the website for a few days now. I always get tempted when these come out (and couldn’t resist some of the latest Alsace and Italy releases), but I’ve noticed for the last few years that there always seems to be a second tranche of wines and deals a bit closer to Christmas.

Makes it quite hard to plan Christmas (that is, I buy some, and am then ‘forced’ to buy some more).

For example, based on past offers, I’m guessing TWS will offer better prices, at some point in the next month, on some of the champagnes (TWS’ own / Gratien, Pol Roger, and possibly a couple of other Grandes Marques), and I’d be surprised if more ports didn’t appear on the list shortly, not to mention some Domaine Weinbach topping up the Alsace options, and some further Ridge releases (from memory, the latest Estate wines / Zins always seem to come out around now)…

What about you? Which wines/offers are you waiting for before finalising that last Christmas delivery?


I have my main Christmas order ready for delivery in 10 days time.
TWS will have to be innovative in order to prise my wallet open from here on in!:open_mouth:
I look forward to their best efforts.:wink:


Mine arrived at the beginning of this month (and over the last few years; just maturing :wink:)


I’d like to think I’ve done most of my Christmas ordering, but of course it’s almost certainly not true. I had 29 bottles delivered on Friday - mostly my favourites from the press tasting, recommendations from the Community and some reliable ‘house’ wines - and intend to keep at least half of that back for Christmas, but I know I’ll realise I’m a bit short on fruity reds or something in a week or two and put another order in :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:


I just completed a 12 bottle order - not necessarily Christmas-themed, but a few of them will no doubt be consumed during the Christmas break.

I have to say, I’m not overly fussed about special orders for Christmas, and can’t say I’m checking the site more regularly than usual. We are planning to place another order in early December - mainly for sparkling, port and maybe the odd dessert wine- but this could be any time of year - for me, there are no wines marked ‘Christmas’ as such. A bit dull on my part, I suppose! :slight_smile:




There is also a new Fine Wine List coming very soon!


I’m being frugal(things are a bit tight right now) and just about to order 12 everyday wines for November and a couple of cases of slightly smarter ones for early December. If Santa is generous I’ll spend a bit more on January bin ends.


I received a 12 bottle order a couple of weeks ago. I’m with Inbar some of it will probably be for Xmas but I wouldn’t call it a Xmas order as such.


Likewise - an order placed for collection on Tuesday with some festive treats and some bottles for 2019 and beyond. I’m interested if the “order for delivery before 6 December” prize draw also counts for collection orders??


Most of my Christmas wines have been purchased over the last few years and cellared - its a time to celebrate good times with family and friends and for me thats with good wine

Will do a little bit of bits-a top up but more in the quaffer range


That’s a good point actually - I suppose my orders from TWS and Sainsburys have included some “everydayers” for the festive period with some special bottles to go in the cellar and be replaced with those that are ready for the more landmark occasions (Christmas Eve to Boxing day, NY). I have to say we unashamedly drink and eat too much over Christmas and NY but it’s nice to have an excuse once in a while!


Hello, Nick - I’ve just checked for you, and pre-ordered collections are included in the draw, yes! :smiley: It’s still helping the warehouse and Showroom staff spread out the work in the Christmas rush.


Thanks Laura. Woohoo! Bubbles are on me, darlings!! :champagne:


Life has been a bit hectic these last few weeks and so I haven’t been posting much. However, I did pick these two up after the tasting and both were as good as I remember on the day!

Hope they made it into your basket?


They certainly did! Glad to hear the tasting didn’t deceive us. I can also vouch for this which I enjoyed on the day: