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The quarterly Wine List


I think the Society could save quite a bit of money by producing its Wine List twice a year rather than four times. It seems to me that there are not very many changes in the list from quarter to quarter and this would be a good way of saving money.


Is it really needed at all nowadays? The website is a real time list.

Same with paper mailings.


This has been covered before.

The response from WS staff and indeed many members has been that there is still a significant part of the membership want paper mailings. They might order online or by phone, but they want the hard copy. Personally I still like it though I use the website a lot too. Bit like Kindle v printed books.


I agree about the paper copy, but I think the question here was more about whether so many Fine Wine lists are necessary per year. I’m with @Gordianus - I think a Fine Wine List twice a year minimises repetition, and keeps the ‘Fine’ a bit more meaningful. There are so many offers, bin ends, EPs and so on - it is very easy to feel quite overwhelmed by it all sometimes.


I like the paper. It’s more fun to browse over dinner than squinting at the bloody screen again.


Or how about a yearly glossy?
With quarterly slim updates.
Glossy could have a pocket for those so they’re all kept in one place.

Loses the convenience of having one current book of course.


Could we not opt out of receiving the Quarterly List? I do everything on-line and very rarely use the printed list. I would be very happy to opt out and save TWS a few pounds!


Mine goes straight in the recycling. I don’t even open the envelope.


I believe being able to set options along these lines is something TWS is planning to work on when they get a spare second or two.


Thanks for this information - good to read!


You can opt out of all or nothing, but only via contacting member services.


Many thanks - I will contact the Membership team.


I think that mailing preferences is an area where they are rather behind. I opted out of the paper mailings almost as soon as I joined because I can’t get through wine (or at least afford to!) at anything like the rate they sent me mailings. But as szaki1974 says, its all or nothing. I do really like he A3 newsletter but you can’t just get that.

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I want to re-open this discussion, since I am not aware of the view of The Management about the topic. I am aware it may have been started by Mitch (staff) in April 2018 and added to by Gordianus in September 2108.
I feel that the printed quarterly List, while always attractive to look at and interesting to read through, is a luxury that may be becoming too costly to produce on a quarterly basis? I use the regular information/promotional sheets that are published, as well as regular use of the web site, so The List is now rarely considered when making decisins about wines to buy.
I am aware that a significant minority(?) of members may not have, or wish to have, access to the web site and for them The List is essential, but can we not reach an accommodation with those of us who would choose to exclude receipt of this weighty List, by extending the opt-out options for the delivery of material from Stevenage?


At the moment my understanding is that you opt out one, you opt out all printed mailings. If that’s what you want just tell them!

Perhaps @laura can confirm, and also advise whether there are any plans for selective opt ins/outs for mailings, though I imagine that might not be a priority.


Personally if one is ordering online then I don’t see why you would not do this, as all is available on the website for you. I know people will quote convenience, but imho that is selfish and these are the kinds of small things that people (myself included) could do to make things better (none of these in isolation will change the world, but if we are more conscious about are every day actions that must be a good thing). Those who are not online (I understand it is still a significant percentage), do need these lists and should be allowed to have a choice of what mailings they want and what they don’t. There… that is my rant over, feel free to disagree


I enjoy reading the printed list I can take it with me and read in all sorts of places, on a dog walk, on the train and on the loo even.


I like it too (though I wish they wouldn’t send me all the flyers on cheapies, when I never buy wine under £10). I get increasing pleasure from looking at anything that isn’t a screen.


Hello, Mark!

Great question - and actually, we’re fairly flexible when it comes to paper mailing preferences (probably more so than emails, anyway). You can opt in/out to a few different categories at the moment (e.g you can receive only Lists, or you can exclude Lists entirely!) - your best bet is to contact Member Services and they can try to set up your preferences as accurately as possible. We do use an external mailing house though, so it can take up to 4-6 weeks for your preferences to be fully enacted, depending on what offers we’re preparing for mailing at the time of your request.

We are working on a more flexible mailing preference centre too, but it’s a really big project - more on that next year, I believe. :smiley:

Hope this helps!


I do buy wine under £10 but i dont buy offers . I just buy mixed 12s of my choice. I only drink with food . I have found that their are some good wines under £10 I tend to buy up to £15 a bottle. However I recently purchased a bottle of Port for £38. We-two of us - drink two bottles of wine a week with meals usually spread over Thursday Sat sunday and Monday. I fast on Fridays and Tuesday. I eat less 600 calories on those days so dont drink wine.
I Lke the lists but the special offeres on separate leaflets do nothing for me.