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The positive thread


Great response to the “clap for carers” across the UK.

Improved sense of community with local WhatsApp groups, people helping each other out. Discovering their neighbours.

Forgetting Brexit and coming together. More unites us than divides us.

Forget the few individuals who get under our skin, let’s celebrate this forum and a massive virtual tasting demonstrating the power of a shared interest in a trivial beverage can be a great help.


All of my friends downloading Zoom or similar within days. More video calls, just for the sake of it.

Getting value from working at home. Better coffee and tea. Sunny cycle at lunch in the park with my partner. A 5:30 beer, some music and no evening commute that puts some polish on having to work late.

Feeling even more supportive of local businesses and renewing a sense of purpose to support those I care about.


Where I live (Israel) I am not allowed to go more than 100m from my front door unless essential (to clarify - that does not mean wine!). I am amazed at how well my kids (15, 11 and 8) are coping - they are still fighting with each other (viciously sometimes bless’em) but they are hanging in there, singing and dancing and being great.

Also my wife who is now head teacher - here is the school daily schedule (hours strictly 09:30 to 14:45):

Finally a link to share - my wife’s old High School had their annual concert cancelled so the (100?) participants each filmed their own parts and a sound editor (who happens also to be my cousin) edited it together - no tricks just background noise scrubbing and editing. They each used the piano part recording with tempo clicks added I’m told…worth a watch:



that is amazing and inspiring!


Love the inverted ski goggle wearer


Absolutely beautiful and very calming. Thank you.


That’s abdolutely beautiful and moving, @cgoldin! :+1:

I also love the 9.30am ‘morning meeting with mum’ routine! :smile:
My family in Israel also seems to be handling things OK, with my niece and nephew being particularly helpfulnand resourceful.
Memories of 1991 flooding back…
!תשמרו על עצמכם


Apparently the conductor/music director at Thelma Yellin was due to perform the same piece for his final year concert there when he was a pupil and it also got cancelled (in '91 of course)…


That’s spooky!.. :grimacing:


Thanks @cgoldin, what an amazing performance.

I’ve also been impressed at the way my kids have been taking the total lockdown. Apart from a few vicious fights they’ve adapted marvellously, even doing some learning from time to time! Zoom video calls with their friends and extended family has helped.


Taffy on tour is back with a vengeance. Not Covid related but definitely a positive.


Prodigious output!


My five-year-old read three books for my three-year-old while I was working and my wife was still asleep at 7 this morning. Looks like we are getting somewhere.


Truly wonderful @cgoldin. A brilliant achievement for both the artists and the technicians. Also a wonderful Psalm for this time , it ends:

_“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭42:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬


No “forgetting Brexit”, sorry. It’s a hole in the heart, and it’s for life.

Nice music! :grinning:


@cgoldin, this is amazing. !! I loved every minute :grin:! I am so glad those kids got to perform and produce something so wonderful! Congrats to your cousin for the editing ! Fantastic job !


I am curious . Do you live in Israel all the time. If so how do you get WS wines?


How lovely. Wonderful to see so much creativity coming out of this. And also, it strikes me, a tangible globally shared experience. I’m rather hopeful about that, we can all relate to each other the world over.


How inspiring! Oh, and do give us a heads-up on any Israeli wines that you think are especially good. I’ve a bottle of Chateau Musar from Lebanon that I’m waiting to drink sometime happy. I’ve had it before and Musar Jeaune, so that whole region is very interesting to me!


People are getting out on their bikes, which is great, also, even in the centre of towns, showing their kids how to cycle - because there are so few cars. It’s so quiet - like Venice just now, maybe even quieter. Not a lot of cars, no aeroplanes. It’s the absence you need a while to notice. People seem to want to help- maybe people are resetting the way they think about eachother. Lots more hopeful stories seem to get out.