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The perfect mixed case!

Calling our Community wine lovers!

We’re always on the hunt for new mixed case ideas :eyes: and we’d love to know: if you could design the PERFECT mixed case, from products online today, what would it contain?

Would it be the essential starter case for new members, or a Desert Island Wine case with treats for drinking alone, or an adventurer case with some wild choices….? Mine would probably be a desserts case, with some fine choices from Tokaji to Moscato :yum: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wine_glass:

We’ll keep an eye on your ideas and if we see something we like then we might just make it up and put it on sale… . :slight_smile: Thank you!


I’ll reiterate my proposal for the “unmissable” case, which contains one bottle of each of the wines described by Marcel in the Rhone EP offer as “unmissable”. And the “unbeatable value” case, which contains one bottle of each of the wines described by Marcel in the Rhone EP offer as “unbeatable value”.
And the “not” case, which contains one bottle of each of the wines described by Marcel in the Rhone EP offer as “a [prestigious AOC] in all but name”, or “baby [prestigious AOC]”, or “sourced from vines just outside [prestigious AOC]”.


On a serious note, maybe a “introductory” case for new members, of the best ‘everyday’ wines that epitomise TWS for me, which would be:
Anna’s Way NZ SB
Plaimont Vignes Retrouvees
The society’s Saumur Brut
Jaume Cotes du Rhone
Paulett’s Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz
And a half bottle of Ulysse Cazabonne Sauternes

A good mix of types that sum up the quality and variety of TWS offer.


Love the wines you’ve suggested for the introductory case for new members, particularly the Sauternes! Great suggestion thank you :smiling_face:

…except it’s out of stock.

Not including either a fizzy or a sauvignon blanc. All the mixed cases (maybe: except some for reds) include these. A guarantee that a mystery case would not include these would be welcome.

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Seconded on the Plaimont Vignes Retrouvees, the Jaume (might go a notch higher to the Altitude 420?) and the Sauternes. I would have the Saumur Brut Rose.

I haven’t tried the other two, but as your taste is so good with the rest, they must be good too!

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A few different showcases for wines you won’t find in a supermarket?
A European one could look something like this:



Perhaps a European case and either a New World or just World case?

To use the European case as an example I would go for 12 different countries and 12 different grape varieties, all still and no fortified.
One could have France, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg with well known grape varieties, Switzerland with Chasselas but countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Balkans would all use indigenous grape varieties. Countries like Romania and Bulgaria could be either but I would prefer local varieties.
For a rarity one could even include a Belgian wine.

This idea has gone rather beyond online today - apologies.


The European case sounds very interesting and the wines you both mentioned @Comtes86 @Kidman are a lovely choice! Quite like the ‘World Case’ idea too, especially for those who tend to buy mostly from specific countries :blush:

The “Rich Reds Case” that ‘over delivers’ - price vs pleasure would be my go to.

Vino de Pueblo Garnacha, Cebreros 2019
Côtes-du-Rhône, Saint Cosme 2017
Weinert Carrascal Corte Tinto Mendoza 2018
Castel Serranova, Salento, Vallone 2018
d’Arenberg The Footbolt McLaren Vale Shiraz 2019
Aglianico del Vulture ‘Alvolo’, Alovini 2019

Or how about…
The Crazy Priced Rhone (more money than sense) case:
Hermitage Rouge, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 2019
Cornas Les Chaillots, Domaine Thierry Allemand 2005
Cornas Les Chaillots, Domaine Thierry Allemand 2010
Hermitage Blanc, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 2019
Ermite (sic) Rouge, L’Ermite, Chapoutier 2018
Ermitage, Le Pavillon, Chapoutier 2018


I would be interested in cases that make interesting comparisons. Cases with two comparable varieties for example, or the same variety from two very different countries, or perhaps two related appellations. The point should be that the things being compared should show simlarities within their kind, but differences between them.

I would primarily use them for “tastings” - in inverted commas because they might be very informal events. But could be attractive to anyone keen to learn more about wines.


Something along these lines perhaps, but a bit more interesting?



Sounds good. So for instance:

Chablis vs. Limari Chard.

Red Burgundy (if there is anything affordable) vs. N.Z. Pinot Noir

St Joseph vs. Oz Shiraz/ Viognier.

Wines to be chosen to match price point & availability. Compare & Contrast ?


New v old world good idea

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Not sure if done before (probably) but how about an ‘If you like xxx try …’ case?

Riesling revelation case

Easy wines for collapsing on the sofa with

Buyers’ surprises - what they thought they wouldn’t like, but actually did!

Buyers play wine association football - each susbequent wine has to relate somehow to the previous, the more obscure the story the better

Half the size, double the pleasure - a halves case

White Wines for Winter


I confess I’m not a big one for these mixed cases. They can be interesting in terms of the varieties but there’s generally little or no saving by buying the case rather than individually. So I usually look at them and think I’d rather drop one or two of the wines and substitute with my own choices and, as doing exactly that is rarely much more expensive, I’m afraid that’s what I usually do.

The only real advantages I see are possibly some benefits if sent to reserves; am I right in saying you can spilt a TWS mixed case in reserves but not a self mixed one?

Also, of course, occasionally some of the wines in a TWS mixed cased are only available in the case.

But all in all I rarely buy mixed cases as there’s usually one or two wines I’m not so interested in.


The Curiouser and Curiouser case of less familiar grapes? :nerd_face:

Lagrein Lagrein Riserva, Castel Firmian Mezzacorona 2018
Mencía https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/pago-de-valdoneje-mencia-2020
Trollinger Trollinger Fellbacher Alte Reben, Aldinger 2020
Teroldego Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva, Castel Firmian 2018
Frappato https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/frappato-vittoria-planeta-2021-organic
Négrette Fronton, Les Petits Cailloux, Domaine le Roc 2019

And white equivalent…

Arneis (OK, maybe becoming less ‘unfamiliar’) https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/roero-arneis-bric-ceniciurio-pittatore-sacchetto-fiorella-2021
Godello (ditto?) Valdesil Sobre Lias Godello, Valdeorras 2020
Roter Veltliner Familie Mantler Roter Veltliner, Niederösterreich 2021
Petit Arvine Petite Arvine Val d'Aosta, La Crotta di Vegneron 2020
Arinto https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/quinta-da-alorna-reserva-arinto-chardonnay-tejo-2020
Chasselas https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/lavaux-villette-les-murets-blaise-duboux-2019

I’d buy it… :grin:


I don’t normally buy from the1874 mag but this week I made two half mixed cases one french one Spanish

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Might be wrong, but I don’t think so