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The Part Case Thread

I see that some members do not want an entire case of a wine.
How about 2 or more members getting together and sharing a case.
So what I propose is that this thread is a clearing house for like minded members.
So to kick off with:

If you want a part share in a case of this wine, then nominate the number of bottles you want. Then other like minded members can nominate until you get to the 6 bottle case quantity. I would suggest for a 6 bottle case, it might be broken down into 2 X 3 bottles, but you can do what you like.
This thread is purely the forum that will be the conduit!!
Good Idea /:Bad Idea it is your choice?!?+1: :dragon:


Great idea, just wondering about the practicalities of delivery?

Sort it out between yourselves. :+1:
I do not see me as having any function here, certainly not one who lays rules down.
Each group that buys a case(s) can negotiate and find a routing that suits them.
Over time if the idea works, a basic template might be worked out for future groups to work from. :+1: :dragon:

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Nice idea. There are also practicalities about defective bottles to consider (inspired by a recent thread). It sounds like anyone claiming for a defective bottle needs to be the same as the member ordering.


I don’t think I mentioned “rules”, simply considering/asking how others might see it working. I guess TWS deliveries could be used, but would probably incur a charge for at least one of the members.


The concept certainly appeals to me; in the past I’ve split cases of EP Claret with social / work colleagues - we’ve each paid for 1-equivalent case and ordered a few different ones and divvied them up when they arrive. The extension of that, for me, is TWS which nowadays often offers mixed cases.

The sticking point would be delivery and the responsibility assumed by the individual whose name is on the order (I’m sure we’ve already had a thread which discussed this… ?) but if TWS could agree to mixing and matching cases between an identifiable group and deliver the mixed case items separately to each member. I’m sure if a group of members all agreed to what (whole) cases would be mixed up between them it won’t be beyond the wit of TWS to do, and in fact would equate to a very attractive membership benefit

You didn’t. :+1:
There will/would be charges to be worked out, that would be for each syndicate to workout or until a general template can be devised - and all to abide to it, if that would be acceptable. :dragon:

This already happens, I’ve shared cases with other members I trust.


This I guess would add significant overhead to TWS. I can see it working as a “private agreement” between members in bigger urban areas with delivery to one member who then arranges onward delivery/collection with near neighbours in that syndicate. The logistics, to me at least, seem that people have to be located near enough to each other to make this work. It’s no good me in Cornwall sharing a case of whatever with someone at the other end of the country.

Ditto darkest Norfolk where we still don’t get a decent mobile phone signal !

As @Leah said this is already being done. I’ve done it twice. TWS just transfer it to the other person’s reserves then it’s up to them to get it delivered as normal.

Will they transfer a part case, or does it have to be made up into a case of 12?

When I asked they said they could split the case and I am doing that with Rhone '19 this year. They just told me to ring them when it’s delivered and they would sort it out. This one is a 12 bottle case so we would be splitting into two 6s. I have a 6 bottle case that I’m about to split with another member from the Rhone '18 EP that’s just arrived. My understanding is that we should be able to do it. However if there’s any problem then we can just courier it ourselves. It really doesn’t cost all that much.


Thank you for that. If only everything in life were so simple!


I’ll try and report back when we see how splitting the 6 bottle case actually goes in practice! But I’m certainly not the first to do this; as others have commented here and in other threads.


I am going to buy a six case of the EP Graticciaia 2016. If someone is interested I’d be willing to share 1 or 2 of these with community members (anyone with 10 posts or more who has been contributing for more than 3 months)

You can have it transferred into your reserves. Or if you want it in next couple of years I am based in Brighton and you could pick up at some point (I can include your bottles whenever I have a mixed case delivered). I won’t charge for holding in reserves if you’d like that. You can pay the EP price + Duty and taxes when you collect (basically it’s a call option)


Hi Ben,

If no one else has come back to you, I’d be very happy to split a case with you for two bottles.

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@Brocklehurstj: deal!
Ordered 2 cases in the end . If anyone else wants 1-2 bottles let me know. Subject to getting an allocation (or pro-rating an allocation).


Thanks Ben, fingers crossed for the algorithm to roll in our favour.

Well, I got half of what I applied for so two bottles will be available for you when they arrive in the reserves later in the year. Do you want to make a note in your calendar to claim these? I can transfer to reserves (I am assuming you have reserves, otherwise we can find another way).

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