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'The one that got away' support group


After missing out on getting to buy some (apparently rather delicious) Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015 due in part to the veracious appetite of this community for it I thought I would start a thread for other to list wines that they have missed out on (aka the one that got away) as comfort to others that they aren’t alone!


A recent one:

9 press reviews. I can only imagine the scenes in the warehouse…


I’ll second this one… considering I was touting this after the press tasting it is really daft I let it slip away… at least I had a tasting glassful


I managed to get two bottles of this, gave one to my daughter which I thought was rather selfless…


Amongst my favourite wines of all time, and unfortunately the secret seems to have got out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It now sells out on the day it’s listed on all the usual online sites (including TWS), retailers have also cottoned on. If I was being uncharitable I’d say some list a couple of cases, then list it as “sold out”, only to show availability a few days later… with an appropriate price bump.

Don’t worry about me though fellow Members :kissing_heart:, I tracked a case down from my supplier in Spain. :male_detective: :metal:


Oh, yes, recently moved on to the 2009 vintage. I rather enjoyed the 2005.


I was in therapy for several weeks after missing the Sylvain Pataille Clos du Roy (2010 I think) that came up in the autumn fine wine list. There one day, disparu the next.

Always interested to know when this happens if due to tiny supply or huge demand.


Extremely selfless in my book, but that is what family is for. I would probably have given both to my daughter if she was not three.


I crave good, not expensive Burgundy. Jancis endorsed it. I sat on my hands. It sold out. To add insult to injury, I bought their Bourgogne and it was my first corked TWS bottle. Gutted.


So in the terms and conditions for members reserves, it is set out that if a wine is getting to the end of its window, TWS will attempt to contact the owner; if unsuccessful, they will sell the wine and credit the account with the proceeds. Have often wondered whether this accounts for the tiny bin end/fine wine lines. There must be some unfortunate instances where members ‘run out of time’ to drink their reserves, in a manner of speaking.

You also see it on the Seckfords Wine list - 23 bottles of Chateau Courac as a job lot - one would presume they are ex TWS EP.


Domaine de la Cote - was there and then it wasn’t…


I’d decided rare halves of ‘Segla’ would help me drink less but better. Then TWS listed in their fine wine leaflet and it went out if stock the same day.


Had the Müller- Catoir rosé last night. Full-bodied and delicious.

Logged in this morning to press go on on the below in my basket as the next to try. Sold out. :pensive:


Oh no… need to look for something else. Maybe this one that was favourably reviewed by @Leah


I can’t tell you how many things that’s happened to me on.

But easily the most irritating was when the case of grower champagnes (which is usually offered at a modest discount over the single bottle prices) suddenly appeared at an extra discount. I saw it just as I was switching off at night, but made a note to order first thing the following morning. When morning rolled around, I logged in to find it sold out. Grrrr. There was a new selection case with a different set of champagnes in it at the usual discount so it was obviously clearance of the last couple of the old selection.


If I were feeling mischievous I’d say there was a lovely looking 2015 Hermitage from some little known producer, oh who was it? Chave? That I was hoping to try :wink:

Sorry, I’ll go and stand in the naughty corner…


Seckfords have some. 350 quid a bottle. Odd for them to be listing something like that duty paid. Oh, wait, I remember…

Joining you in the naughty corner.


The Tio Pepe en rama is back in stock - swings and roundabouts.

Got this for the rose


I love this one :+1::+1:


I did not know this. Thanks.