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I thought that might be the case, but couldn’t really comment as they are not something I’d normally look out for

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I will be drinking all of these come January 20th.


Seems as if Ridge Zin magnums have been added. Max of 3 per member.

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Not easy to finding New York either, given that supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell wine.

Just picked up a single bottle of the Quilceda Creek Cab Sauv for 45% off through chaining together a number of introductory and credit card offers (I’m temporarily US based).

Quite excited to get my hands on this to see what all the fuss is about.

Anyone on here tried it? Obviously gets great reviews on CT.


I really loved this red blend and I have been recommending this to almost everyone. It’s light and fruity, and very well-made. It has a surprising range (violet petals, at some point).

I came across this because it is one of the new wave of California wine producers being championed by Jancis Robinson (and it was one of the wines she selected for last year’s virtual FT Weekend Festival, along with wines from another producer which I really like - Tatomer).

Keen to hear if anyone has tried this or any of the other wines in the Broc Cellar’s “Love” range yet.


Hi there. Yes we’ve had Love Red from Broc and really enjoyed it. The 2017 and 2018 were different blends if memory serves.

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I found this article from Jancis quite interesting: