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Unfortunately it looks like Rudy will have a lucrative career already lined up for him https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2020/11/king-of-wine-fraud-facing-freedom

Sounds like his skills may be in high demand.


Anyone planning on picking up the new Thanksgiving Case? I think I will, the price is very good for mid-week drinkers.

It includes the great Bogle which unfortunately I find bigger and more oaky (i.e. all the things people don’t like about US chardonnay) than the previous vintage, which I thought was a bit more nuanced.

Nevertheless, still great value for this case.


Well, with respect, it’s not great value if there’s a wine you don’t want - like your oaky Chardonnay.

I looked at this case when it was first announced, but there was really only one (at most two) wine I’d want. That’s the problem with mixed cases: by trying to cover all bases they usually include at least one wine I don’t want.

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Yeah fair enough :slight_smile: I loved the Bogle last year and was excited to buy more but have not been as wowed this year.

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That’s the thing about wine - it’s new every vintage. Maybe Bogle’s US customers preferred the oaky style so they went back to it.

It’s not like tins of baked beans, same year after year, or Coca Cola. And when Coke did change the recipe they changed the name, and when the customers complained, they dropped the new recipe.

Makes it difficult for us. Have a wine one doesn’t like and it won’t be bought in subsequent vintages even though they may be different.

In other words - I feel your pain :slight_smile:


The last time I had a bottle of Bogle, I was 2 trouser-size thinner and had a bunch of hair in my head.

Personally, if you want to try a good Napa Chard, go for Duckhorn (a nice place to visit, btw):


Correction: TWS price is as good as you’ll get for the current vintage.


I really wasn’t a huge fan of the Bogle wines after buying their mixed case a few years ago.

I have always struggled with Napa chardonnay. Often too big and buttery and oaky but I’ve found Chardonnay from Santa Rita Hills is excellent. Cooler climate leads to more elegant and mineral wines. Much more Burgundian in style.

The Sandhi and Chanin wineries are especially good and worth seeking out.

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Am I missing something here? Simply Wines have it at a discount price of £12.99 plus £7.99 delivery therefore 6 bottles works out at £14.93 a bottle

TWS have it at £12.95, with free delivery if you buy 6, therefore £12.95 a bottle.

I find TWS the more competitive.

Ahhhh I know Duckhorn well, all the worse for my bank account


Have you been to the winery? It’s a lovely property.
Great minds think alike! :grinning:

Yes I picked that up from the winery last year. It’s very nice, understated by napa standards.

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There was a fleeting mention of Hirsch during the
Sarah Knowles AMA today. Which led me to this on the website.

Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir 2016

in stock

Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir 2016

£59.00 bottle

Have wanted to try something, anything from this winery after listening to a Levy Dalton interview with Mr Hirsch a few years ago. Have impulsively purchased a bottle, way more than I’d normally spend. Now the anxiety is beginning… will I be disappointed? Am I opening too young? Should add I’m still mostly very pleased and excited.
Anyone tried this before?


Nope, but I sincerely hope your anxiety is proved worthless and you enjoy it all the more for that :cowboy_hat_face:


Parker’s vintage chart suggests 2016 californian pinot is ready to drink but the CT reviews indicate that this might be better in another year or two.


Cheers, it’s the old catch 22. Try a wine too young to see if you like it and should by more. Or wait until it’s ready so you really know but because you wait you have to spend a fortune buying older vintages or wait more years until new iterations are ready. I go round and round and round with this.
But I think I’ll open it, maybe for the party on the 3rd.

Thanks, intend to enjoy the anticipation too.


For a case of six, the 12 month rule is a good guideline. You can front-load like 4-1-1 (if you think it’s really good just upon opening) or you can backload and ramp up if things improve quickly, or let it be for a while.

Lots of US wines in the Majestic Black Friday fine wine sale. No idea if the prices are good, but the discounts look decent.

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I’m based in the US at the moment and Bogle is something that comes across my glass fairly regularly. I can’t say that I’m a fan. Too sweet for my liking.

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I have looked into it and put some in my basket, but haven’t committed yet. Pricing is actually not as attractive as it seems, because the starting price is much higher than what you would usually find elsewhere. This is what I am thinking:

I also have seen both Sonoma Coast Kutch wines, at a price marginally cheaper (£1) than Robersons, after the 25% discount.

And Drouhin is one of my favourite Borgogne Blanc producers.

I have visited J Vineyards a few times. There’s no better place to have a glass of sparkling wine in Sonoma than their expansive patio. The wine itself is excellent, blessed with a climate abundant with sun yet cool at night.

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Try some of the wines further north. Sonoma coast is a good place to start.