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Referring to
2018 Once & Future Wine Zinfandel Oakley Road Vineyard) (USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa County

which TWS sells for £25 (and I bought a dozen) but I just bought

2018 Cline Cellars Zinfandel Ancient Vines (USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa County)

from a independent wine shop for £17.99.

This also comes from the Oakley Road vineyard from vines planted more than 100 years ago on their own roots.

This isn’t a Joel Peterson wine, and I’m a fan of him, but if you want the taste for £7 less…


Very nice. Cline is a good winery. Good find.


One Canadian Riesling, languishing on its own, too:

I’m sure there used to be a Canadian Chardonnay and PN too… But maybe imagining it. Would love the list to include East Coast wines - personally, they appeal to me more (cool climate wines in general), but maybe there isn’t a huge appeal for the wider membership? :thinking:


The ones we are no longer talking about…


I think it’s the case that they are expensive and come from a region unknown to most, and without a reputation. And because they are expensive people are loath to spend their money to take a punt on them.

If TWS choose to list a mainstream variety then people know they can get wines of that variety cheaper from known regions. If they choose to list a variety unknown or rare elsewhere then people won’t pay for an unknown taste.


I think you’re right @peterm but I do think that there is probably a smaller number of Wine Society members, who would be keen to purchase limited release mixed cases. For example, I would happily purchase a case of hard to obtain West Coast pinots or something similar to what Au Bon Climat is currently offering its American customers. In fact, I am positively drooling at this one.

I would even be up for a mixed case of reds, although this would be less appealing to me, as would a mixed red and white case, although I would consider it. I imagine, however, that there would be sufficient interest from elsewhere for these or similar cases of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.

I live in hope.



This is rather good.


Wow - that is a pretty amazing case. FWIW I have very much enjoyed the Wild Boy Chardonnay in the past. Well balanced wine with a label to put a smile faces.


Wild boy Chardonnay is lovely.
Paul Hobbs anything by him is good. Truscott arms in Maida Vale used to do his wines almost at cost. Since that place has been changed to Hero of Maida Vale it’s still doing well. First time I encountered Flaccianello there
I agree most Californian stuff is expensive for what you get. Tried some of the silver oak, Alexander valley stuff whilst out there. Enjoyed it but it’s overblown


2015 Flaccianello? Bit early to be drinking that, isn’t it?

The one from Sicily is ready now!

Sorry if not very clear; I meant the Flaccianello I got from Sicily at a very attractive price.

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