The North American Inquirer

Yes, there are lots of very tasty-looking Oregon Pinot noirs in the new 1874 offer. Enjoy


And some oos already!

This is the only reason I remain solvent.

Just noticed the Cristom Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2020 is going to be at the Manchester tasting. Fingers crossed that remains in stock until then.

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Good job you aren’t on AB Vinters mailing list re Oregon PN then…!


I deleted that email with a weary heart. Have you tried those wines? Reading about them is as far as ive got.
My tastes and income are very poorly aligned.


I have started to track purchases versus consumption and the two are not well aligned, so have persuaded myself there is always more wine around the corner…


In the same boat here….there IS always more wine around the corner :grinning:

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I love :heart: pretty much anything coming out of Broc @Sarah .


They are great wines, we stocked the Starr Zinfandel for a couple of vintages a year or two ago but I ended up having to bin end it both times.
I am still in touch with the agent and winemaker and love the range but I need a sales slot where I am confident any selection will sell out to justify shipping, but keep your eye out as they are definitely wine I also enjoy.


Ooh, @Sarah, great to see you back on the forum. Happy Christmas and New Year to you.

Just wondered whether you have any Sta. Rita Hills (or similar) or Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir surprises coming up that you are allowed to share with us, at this stage? You had a couple of great ones, this year, so really hoping for more in 2023. Keeping my fingers crossed. All the best.


Yes, more ABC on the water already planned for later this year. Still working with Sashi Morman’s wines and Fess Parkers points are really singing. I also visited a few new guys on my trip in November so there could’ve done new bits and pieces to come…


Will we be seeing any of the 2020 Ridge Geyserville/Lytton Springs/East Bench wines any time soon, Sarah? I feel as though they’ve traditionally gone on sale around Dec/Jan time in recent years.

This is exactly my kind of gobbledegook :wink:

One vote here for Nalle Hopkins Ranch pinot noir too if possible!


Thanks for responding @Sarah. Sounds like some exciting times ahead and will look forward to purchasing some more US gems.

This Sandhi Sta. Rita Hills La Côte Pinot Noir 2013 (£35) was my wine of the year for 2022 and this Fess Parker Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2019 (£23) has also become a real favourite in the Templeton household. As you note, the Fess Parkers are really “singing”. Thanks again.


There some quite impressive white and rose wines coming out of the new cali wave of producers. I’m a fan.


You are right, they should be live at some point in w/c11th Feb.


Thanks for the heads up @Sarah - just need to figure out how to keep an eye out for them whilst day tripping during half term…

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And I need to work out how to stretch the budget to allow me to get my annual (self) mixed case :sweat_smile:

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Speaking of California, here’s tonight’s pick:


Spotted the Drouhin Oregon Pinot '21 today in Costco at what seems like a good price. I’ve had this wine a couple of times over the years; once I was impressed and once I wasn’t. More sampling required I think…