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The North American Inquirer

Yes, there are lots of very tasty-looking Oregon Pinot noirs in the new 1874 offer. Enjoy


And some oos already!

This is the only reason I remain solvent.

Just noticed the Cristom Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2020 is going to be at the Manchester tasting. Fingers crossed that remains in stock until then.

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Good job you aren’t on AB Vinters mailing list re Oregon PN then…!

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I deleted that email with a weary heart. Have you tried those wines? Reading about them is as far as ive got.
My tastes and income are very poorly aligned.


I have started to track purchases versus consumption and the two are not well aligned, so have persuaded myself there is always more wine around the corner…


In the same boat here….there IS always more wine around the corner :grinning:

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