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The NFL thread


That’s got to be one of the most shocking results I’ve ever seen. The powerhouse Vikings who were something like 14 point favourites, and got crushed. Unreal! Now all the Bears have to do is beat Arizona…


Looking a tough ask so far…


And the Lamb Shank, cooked to an absolute turn; was quite magnificent.
Recipe available to anyone who wants it, and totally idiot proof!?!
All in the 15 minutes of prep but 2.5 hours later and reduction of the preprepared stock, to die for!!
A brilliant set of games!
But whilst the Jalets is a wine ready to rock and roll today and a lovely bottle, the Exhibition Crozes 2015 was on another planet. In a decanter for at least 3 hours and shaken up, it begins to come alive. Not your ready to drink Crozes but a proper expression of Northern Rhone Syrah. Red, raspberryish fruit but reigned in, with the promise of complexity but still an adolescent with the certainty that you might have got a total winner. At 5 hours waxing lyrical the way we Welsh do, always 10 words when one or two might have sufficed; this is the best and most surprising wine that I have tasted this year and it has the potential to get appreciably better.
I just looked at Marcel’s notes on the EP offer:

Buy it. don’t buy it; but at the end of the day you cannot say that you weren’t told.
Me, 2 cases into reserves and 6 bottles to be delivered.
One wine that really excites me and I haven’t been able to say that for a very long time. So, so happy. :smile:


And the Pats lost again!! Dolphins 3 and 0!!

Great start to the season for us Fins fans. No doubt Brady and Belichick will find a way to break our hearts though before the regular season is done, unless we break our own hearts which is more likely.


My friend and I decided to take the upside down start to the season in the AFC East, including the Bills’ win in Minnesota, and the Browns win on Thursday, as ominous indicators of a coming apocalypse. Brace yourselves and wear sunscreen


Strangely enough I was considering mixing up a case with some of these only yesterday. Decision made, 12 bottles into reserves. Thanks


And true to my word, more (Oh, No!!) 24 bottles squirrelled away and 6 for delivery.
I think that my debit card requires life support! lol :cry:


Is it the same as the Perrin Crozes on the EP list?


The bottle says:
Bottled by Famille Perrin F84100, France

The back label says:
Blended for the Society by Nicolas Jaboulet and the Perrin Family from some of the best estates in Crozes-Hermitage, the largest Appellation in the Northern Rhone Valley. etc

My feeling is that it is better than the 3.5* J L-L gave it.
It was superior to the Jalets by a good distance.
It got better and better over the evening.
It performs at its best from 3 hours plus in the decanter
But the 2015 production was 66000 bottles, over 5k cases.
Maybe Marcel pulled a flanker and secured the best casks from the Perrins for the Exhibition blend, the way that they did for the Cayron 2010.
All I know is that the bottle I had last night was at the top end of my Crozes experience and on that basis I bought 30 bottles today, A case (sorry lol) of putting my money…!!

Hope this helps.


Just to tidy this one up.

Jeb Dunnuck scores the 2015’s:
Domaine Les Alexandrins 2015 94 points
Les Alexandrins 2015 93 points with the footnote that this is now owned by the Perrins. I think this is the one used for the Exhibition blend. Jeb’s tasting note was by and large my experience!!

This is all confusing as Vinous says:

Domaine Les Alexandrins 2015 91 pts
Maison Les Alexandrins 2015 90 pts

Josh Raynolds at Vinous invariably underscores everybody else.


Thank you for the heads up on this wine, I have ordered a few bottles and with Autumn approaching I am looking forward to trying them. I am also lamb shank fan, so would be very interested to read your recipe! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, insight and expertise, without it I doubt I would ordered them.


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Spectacular thread drift @Taffy-on-Tour but very welcome. Have just popped a case of the Exhibition Crozes into Reserves!

C-H was an early favorite region of mine and no idea why I had not drunk any for years. Recently purchased 3 bottles of Domain de Thalabert '90 at auction and it was stunning. Wondering what your take on the age worthiness of the Society Exhibition is although from you note there seems little reason to delay repatriating these bottles too long?

Back on topic though, gutted to see Garoppolo injured. The glory days for us 49er fans seems a lifetime ago!


Try being a Dolphins fan. I wasn’t even a fan when we had our last glory days.


I like Crozes relatively early in it’s evolution, but from what you say 28 years, admittedly from the last great Crozes vintage prior to 2015 (& I did buy the 2015 Thalabert) and it is still an amazing wine. When these rare vintages occur, I think that one should, if one can, buy as much as one is able to. My problem with Jaboulet has been that since the awful early demise of Gerrard Jaboulet, the House lost it’s way with bad practices and "internecine conflict and it has taken a while for Caroline Frey to re-establish it’s place in the Rhone Valley hierarchy. But nothing stands still, Guigal, Perrins et al have taken great strides during this lull in the fortunes of Jaboulet, the one thing that remains is the quality of the terroir of their vineyards. The Chapelle and Thalabert are back on top form, the Jalet’s given the 200,000 bottle production is a good wine in the modern style but is a little behind Perrin’s Crozes. But a small but ambitious outfit like Maison Alexandrins can source smallish batches of quality barrels of wine or fruit and transform them into something outstanding. The counter argument can be made that Guigal annually make 2 Million bottles of their highly regarded CdR, so large production can work!!
Like you say a great shame for Garoppolo, I wonder if they will give Colin Kaepernick another chance? I think I did read somewhere that he is now embroiled in legal action against the NFL, so maybe no.
One of the things I really like about the NFL is how teams fortunes can change over time. Without wishing to be overly controversial, it gladdens my heart to see both Brady and Belichick railroaded by the Lions.
The Cowboys, the 49ers who I loved when Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig ruled supreme and yes, Dan’s Dolphins who never quite hit the heights of “the Perfect Season” that their predecessors did.
But like Rugby Union when the All Blacks lost against South Africa recently, for he who waits and I really want to see my lot put the All Blacks metaphorically to the sword.
Sport is like Wine, you have to be patient for 30 years, then Mother Nature grants us a great vintage, a bit like our favourite team after decades of loyal support and then out of the blue they beat everyone, and wasn’t it so worth the wait!?!


Patient for 30 years … I for one am therefore looking forward to the 2020 Scotland Grand Slam



And I was at the Clock End with my pals, a £5 ticket in my pocket.
Standing next to an impressively moustached English Army Officer type who had come up on the train for the day and he confidently informed me that England had just to turn up and theirs would be the Victory!
By the end of the match, his Pork Pie hat was sat at a jaunty angle and he was looking quite the dishevelled article!! I suspect that the train ride, back from whence he came, was a long and unhappy one.
Me and my Scottish friends promptly repaired to the “Diggers” for a libation or two and if I remember correctly a spectacularly good Chinese feast at the Kweilin in Dundas Street.
Our “other half’s” were not particularly impressed with the condition of their men when we were collected later that evening. I am sketchy on how the following day went but I suspect that some retribution was sought for our degree of impoliteness!! LOL!!
But 30 (ish) years on one forgets the pain, and even the disgust of the rivers of urine that flowed down those long gone terraces, only fondly remembering “That we were there!!”
Max would be proud of us!!


And orf we go again!!
I’ve been watching the F1GP and Ryder Cup this afternoon.
That and a bunch of work on my laptop with some chairbound recycling which I have down to a fine art!! lol Don’t ask.
Not impressed with the New England game so off to the Mix.
I was hoping that Brady would have another bad day. maybe not so much!!


Very much enjoying watching the Bears this evening.
Trubisky’s best ever game by a mile so far. Helped by the excellent protection he is being given.


Bought some wine this morning that I have been waiting for.
Now catching up with Baltimore @ Steelers this afternoon.
I watched Lamar Jackson last and the previous year when he was at Louisville.
He was incredible, his speed and overall ability makes him a weapon and a half.
He is getting some plays today but I imagine that he is pencilled in to replace Flacco!?!
The quality of the recent class of college quarterbacks that have arrived in the NFL, to my mind is quite incredible. A number of established QB’s must be very nervous for their jobs.