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The NFL thread


Worth staying up for. What a finish! I think this could be the Vikings’ year…


I sure hope so - I’ve got them in the office sweepstake. I was looking for a football team to support, in order to get into the game more over a season, and I think I’ve found one!!


and so our collection of rival sporting teams continues to grow :joy:


My wife has co-opted the Vikings as well. When I told her that they’d been to 4 Superbowls and never won they got her sympathy. And she likes their purple uniforms…


Gotta be careful when picking your NFL team. Can lead to many, many years of hurt and disappointment.

From a Dolphins fan.


Ain’t that the truth. At least you’ve got a glorious history there. Spare a thought for those who randomly chose Cleveland, Buffalo or Detroit…


Although that glorious history is pretty historic!

We’ve only won one playoff game this century! We’ve only played one playoff game in the last 10 years.

The biggest win we’ve had in the last 25 years was in Ace Ventura - Pet Detective.


I hadn’t realised quite how rough the last couple of decades have been for the Dolphins. They’ve generally been at least competitive and in the playoff mix over that time - very few truly awful seasons - so I would have imagined they’d won a few playoff games over that time. I guess that’s the result of being in the AFC East while the Pats have been so dominant. Good lord I hate that team. I am so ready for the Brady-Belichick axis of evil to finally collapse. I am fully behind the Eagles for the Super Bowl!


Being in the same division as the Pats has been a disaster.

Since 2000 the division winners have been -

2000 Miami Dolphins
2001 New England Patriots
2002 New York Jets
2003 New England Patriots
2004 New England Patriots
2005 New England Patriots
2006 New England Patriots
2007 New England Patriots
2008 Miami Dolphins
2009 New England Patriots
2010 New England Patriots
2011 New England Patriots
2012 New England Patriots
2013 New England Patriots
2014 New England Patriots
2015 New England Patriots
2016 New England Patriots
2017 New England Patriots

I’m thinking maybe I should cheer on the Pats in the Superbowl as there may be a possibility that Brady may want to retire on a high. If they lose he’ll definitely go again next season.


I can see the sense in that, but could you actually support the Pats? Seriously? I could try rooting for the Patriots but I can’t help thinking that I’d pull a muscle or something.

There’s a theory out there that Belichick was desperate to keep Garropolo, retire/release Brady and win a Super with Jimmy G just to prove that their success wasn’t all about Brady. If that’s still in Belichick’s mind, then it could mean we have a few more years to wait until the Pats have got a young QB they have confidence in.


No, of course I couldn’t.

I was actually in Miami for the regular season game this year against the Pats.

Was fantastic. Loved every minute. We smashed them. Scoreline flattered them.


We got into NFL the year the Bears won the Super Bowl with Walter Payton, Jim McMahon and the Refrigerator. So we have a soft spot for the Bears who rarely do well. We went to see a team play while on holiday, now they dont even exist as the franchise has moved cities :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Blown away by last year’s Super Bowl. Will be routing for the Eagles this time.


Don’t lose faith @JayKay. The Bears will be back. I think the master plan will come together by SuperBowl 55…


I think I’m one of the most tired people alive today, but THAT was a GAME!
A new record for the Pats: they are now the only team in NFL history to put up 600 yards of offence in a game, and lose…


fell asleep waiting for kick-off so decided not to stay up

shame, but probably wise idea

sounds like it was a great game


I was going to watch on iplayer today, but my 8 month old woke up at 2am, so I turned on. He must have known it was going the distance and didn’t want me to miss Q4. Amazing game!


Brilliant game. Watched down in Covent Garden at an American Bar. Atmosphere was amazing. Met a couple from Philadelphia over here on honeymoon…


Thankfully common sense prevailed last night. (I say that not just because the decisions were in the Eagles favour!)


Not that long to wait for the College Football Season to start.
The end of August methinks?
And the NFL just after.
My cup then truly overfloweth!!


Yes College season starts 25th August I think. If you can’t wait that long NFL preseason starts with the Hall of Fame game on Aug 3rd.
Happy days!