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The NFL thread

What are the rules on changing team affiliation?

On the basis that NFL franchises can move city then surely fans can do the same?

I’m feeling a tiny bit better after yesterday’s win for the Colts. I think we were lucky to be facing the Dolphins without Tua, because they really struggled to get anything going offensively until the 4th quarter. Yet more poor O-line play from the Colts, but Wentz was pretty decent and we started to get the run game going more effectively. I’m not particularly looking forward to our next game in Baltimore on Monday night. We will probably get a pretty thorough hiding.

Nice to see the Bears get back on track with a win yesterday. One pass in particular from Justin Fields was a thing of beauty. The injury to David Montgomery looked like a nasty one though, and that is a huge blow.

So the Cardinals and Bills now look like the best teams in the league to my eyes. If that ended up as the Super Bowl matchup I’ be pretty happy with it. Both great teams to watch.

I’m fine with this! It’s not like you grew up walking distance from the stadium and went to see them loads as a kid, right?

I’ll admit that, while the Colts are my team and I have no real reason to dump them, there are a number of other franchises that I sort of root for. Mainly underdog hard-luck stories like the Bills and Browns, but also the Packers. Basically, I like teams that play outdoors in the cold.

Funnily enough, I did grow up near the stadium, sort of.

My grandparents bought an apartment in south Florida when I was about 10 years old so I did spend many holidays as a kid in the area. Not walking distance to the stadium but it explains why I support all the teams based in Miami.

First game I ever went to was a college game at the old Orange Bowl Stadium, Colorado v Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl game. My old man who doesn’t get it spent the whole game moaning he didn’t know where the ball was because of all the play action plays!


Just finished watching the Buccs @ Patriots game.
I just could not get past half time last night.
The margins are tiny in the NFL!! :open_mouth: :dragon:

Re the Bears, HC Nagy was forced to give up play-calling to the OC, Bill Lazor, for this game and the offence was immediately more effective, less turgid and had more rhythm. He (Nagy) is still a real problem though – massive ego and thinks he’s a great play-caller, even though there is a mass of evidence that shows different. Whenever things improve (with Lazor) Nagy gets itchy about taking back play-calling. We now enter a tough run of games – Raiders, Packers, Buccs, 49ers, followed by the Steelers and the bye. I hope play-calling stays with Lazor (who doesn’t want to see Fields throwing bombs to Mooney?) but I would truly like to see Nagy fired mid-season. Massive egos with minimal credibility who insist on doing things they’re bad at are not good for the team.

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After 20 years of hurt being a Dolphins fan with pretty much zero pleasure to go with it, I was thinking that if I could start over now, what team would I choose?

I think I’d choose somewhere where it would also make sense for a short break holiday to try and catch a game.

So that rules out Bills, Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Texans, Colts, Jags, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Vikings, Lions, and the Falcons.

Although the Packers get a reprieve for being close to Chicago and cos they are the Packers and going to a game there should be incredible and well, they are the Packers and unlike any other team in the NFL.

I’d have to count out the Jets and Pats too as I could never support another team from the AFC East.

Goodbye to the Jags and Bucs cos they are also Floridian.

Can’t do the Cowboys cos that’s too easy and obvious. It’s the equivalent of supporting the Yankees or Manchester United.

I’m saying goodbye to Eagles, Panthers, Chargers, Cardinals and Titans cos they’re all a bit “meh” as teams.

Goodbye Bears. I fear I’d just be choosing another team that would give me no joy or pleasure for years to come.

No thank you to the Seahawks. I can’t do the luminous kit thing. Hurts my eyes.

I like the Raiders. Great fans and probably the coolest team gear on the market but a trip to Vegas is just too expensive and dangerous.

I think the Rams and 49ers are just too far to travel for that short break and the 49ers don’t even play in San Fran any more.

Can’t do WFT, they don’t even have a proper name yet.

That leaves the following –





Giants are in New York, great city. Love it there. Easy quick flights. Can never get bored of NYC. Serious contender, even though they are crap right now.

Packers are the Packers. History, nostalgia, cheeseheads, snow. How can you not love this team?

Saints. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Saints, especially after their years of being crap, then the stadium being hit by the hurricane, the city being decimated and the Saints then winning their first superbowl. Stuff movies are made out of. Great city to visit and great stadium and fans. Have been there twice to see the Saints play for all those reasons.

Broncos are in a part of the USA that I love. Denver is a great base for so much of the mid west, rocky mountains, national parks.

I think it comes down to the Saints and the Packers and I think it would have to be the Packers. I can’t look past the history and the cheeseheads and a game in Green Bay in the snow is a bucket list event.

Who would be your team if you had a do over?


After 20 years of pain, @MrNXM, surely you just stick with it on the basis that it MUST get better soon! :joy: (Either that or watch the old Marino films.)

I started supporting the Bears as a young boy in, you guessed it, 1985 and it’s pretty much been bad ever since. We did have fun with a great defence under Lovie Smith but losing crucial games to the Packers/Rodgers kinda killed it most seasons in the end. That’s why Justin Fields is a big thing now…

I agree that a new team to support should be somewhere you’d like to visit and reasonably be able to get to. (Also, it should not be an obviously great team to avoid accusations of glory-seeking!) As much as anyone can have a “second” team, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Saints, going back to the Bobby Hebert days, and have not yet but would love to visit New Orleans.


I started following about the same time in the mid 80’s. Had the joy of the Marino years then nothing for the 20 odd years since he retired.

I’ll stick with it, of course, but this year I had more hope than in any of the past 20 years.

I fear our rebuild has failed.

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If you have a Gamepass subscription (I presume this link won’t work if not), there’s a good prog about the Fog Bowl!

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Sadly I don’t have Game Pass - couldn’t justify it while also forking out a bundle for Sky Sports! However they have recently made sections of Game Pass freely available in the off-season, so I’ll check back in the spring :+1:t2:

Anyone planning on sitting in front of the TV for 14 hours of pretty much continuous NFL on Sunday? Chance would be a fine thing…

3pm - Jets @ Falcons in London
6pm - Packers @ Bengals
9.15pm - Giants @ Cowboys

1.20am - Bills @ Chiefs

1.15am - Colts @ Ravens

Decent lineup this weekend. I’d rather be watching Niners @ Cardinals than Giants @ Cowboys in the evening slot, but that’s just my natural aversion to the Cowboys coming out. Dallas are pretty good to watch this year but I’m not sure we’ll learn much from watching them destroy the Giants. Still, Packers @ Bengals could be fun. I’ll try and dodge the result of the Colts game and watch it on Tuesday evening.

Bills @ Chiefs is the big draw of course, and I’m expecting fireworks. I’m also expecting a win for the Bills to drop the Chiefs to a 2-3 record. Buffalo look like a juggernaut at the moment with the defence starting to look like a very solid unit to match the offence, whereas Kansas look worryingly messy on defence.

But to kick it all off we have the first London game of the season. I got tickets for the second game between the Dolphins and Jags, thinking that was more likely to have playoff implications. Ha. Well. Hobson’s choice? In retrospect there’s probably more star power in show this weekend - Zach Wilson showed us something last weekend, and looks a completely different player now he’s got Crowder to throw to. Sadly the best skill player on the Falcons, Calvin Ridley, is missing for this game which will be a big disappointment for the fans. Still, it could be the breakout game for Kyle Pitts. Weirdly, and I really don’t say this very often, but I think the Jets will win.

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It seems a weird choice of 9pm game all round. Seems the worst of the 4 games (other than 49ers/Cardinals there’s Browns/Chargers, and Bears/Raiders which may have as much mismatch potential - though I don’t think quite - has the interest of watching Fields).

I know both the Giants and Cowboys have more TV clout in the US than seems justified by much (though of course Dallas looks very good this year, it’s just unappealing because the Giants look so bad); is the same true in the UK, or are Sky’s choices of games somehow driven by what the US networks are doing?

I don’t think so - there’s always CBS/Fox at least showing a ‘big’ game at the same time (is Dallas-NYG a big game?). Happy to be corrected on this.

Bit cheesed off as a 49ers fan: you’d think one of Seahawks@49ers and 49ers@Cardinals would have made the 9pm slot.

Some fantastic games again this weekend and some huge statements made by the Bills and the Chargers.

The Dolphins are horrible. I’ll be at Tottenham next week to watch us play the Jags. I hope Tua is back for that. I fear this could be a first Jags win as nothing is going right for the Fins. To make matters even worse we don’t have our own 1st round draft pick next year, we have the 49ers pick. Although with our record in the 1st round over the last 2-3 years, maybe not such a big loss.

Could the NFL have given London 2 worse games? No doubt if there was a 3rd game it would be the Lions v Texans.

The Bills look like they are going to take some stopping in the AFC. They also have the benefit of playing in a division that looks the weakest in the NFL (maybe tied with AFC South) so should pick up 6 easy wins.

The Chiefs defence is a mess and they can’t continue to rely on just outscoring the opposition anymore.

The Chargers now have a 2 game lead over the Chiefs and have one win already in the head to head so the Chiefs have it all to do just to win the division, but if anyone can, Mahomes can.

Chargers play the Ravens next week. That will be some test for Herbert and will be fascinating. Hopefully that will be the 6pm game on Sky.

Personally, I’d love to see the Browns win the AFC title, god knows their fans deserve it.

NFC looks like the Bucs, Packers and Cowboys will cruise to division titles. Should be an interesting fight between the Cards and Rams in the west.

Don’t know if it’s my imagination but there appears to be a bigger gulf than ever between all those elite level teams above and the rest of the NFL.

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I’d post something articulate in here, but I’m afraid the pain is still too close, too real, and I just, well…

anyone else going to the game this sunday at Tottenham?

Yeah my brother and I are going. A few colleagues are going to be on the other side of the stadium too. The teams aren’t playing as well as I was expecting but it should still be a great experience.

A very good selection of games on Sky this weekend! :grinning: :clap: :dragon:

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I’ve just checked and you’re not wrong :+1:t2:

Those who went to the game at Tottenham last weekend - how did you find it?

I’m a Spurs fan, so have been to the ground for the football a few times. But I went to the Bucs - Panthers game a few years back and it was great. Although, I think the general atmosphere at Wembley when I went to the Vikings (my team) against the Steelers was better - especially watching Peterson running through the Steelers D.

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