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The NFL thread

They’ve announced two games at the new White Hart Lane as well:
Jets @ Falcons on October 10th
Dolphins @ Jaguars on October 17th

I’ll be trying to get tickets for Fins @ Jags

Colts first 5 games:

@ Titans
@ Dolphins
@ Ravens

That is a very tough run of games!

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I thought this was quite interesting…

How the hell does Tom Brady do it?! Super Bowl champion scores himself the easiest projected schedule. (And my team get the hardest.)

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AFC North and NFC West look like a pretty tough pair of other divisions to play. But it looks like that guy’s rankings must have the Bears a a really bad team in addition.

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It’s partly just the luck of the draw - it’s the NFC South’s turn to play against NFC East and AFC East, both of which are arguably slightly weaker than, say NFC West or AFC North etc. Also, their own division doesn’t look so hot - 4 games against Panthers and Falcons is not exactly scary, and the Saints likely won’t be as good this year.

That said, it is classic Brady to win a Super Bowl and then have the easiest run to repeat.

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He’s also produced a 66-page PDF with projections for each team and most of the players individually. Pretty extraordinary level of commitment, even if you suspect it must have something in common with a start-up’s business plan :wink:

Thank you so much for that!! :+1: :dragon:

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Seven weeks to GO!! :fireworks: :champagne: :dragon:

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Due to the inability to enter the USA for months, we’ve had to push back our trip we had planned to Miami. Now rebooked for the end of November for a couple of weeks, assuming we can travel to the USA by then.

And, the added benefit that it will coincide with two home games for the Dolphins! Not that I mentioned that to the Mrs when I rebooked. I suspect I’ll go on my own. Im not sure she’ll want to sit through a game again after last time I took her.

Just hope we can make it over there.

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Big news.