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The NFL thread

For an example of the perils of taking receivers early, have a look at the 2012 draft class and the motley crew selected ahead of TY Hilton who went in the 3rd round with the 92nd pick:

1. Justin Blackmon 6’1, 207 pounds Wide receiver Oklahoma State Scouting report Prospect notes Profile Video
2. Michael Floyd 6’3, 228 pounds Wide receiver Notre Dame Scouting report Prospect notes Red Flag Alert Video
3. Kendall Wright 5’10, 185 pounds Wide receiver Baylor Scouting report Video
4. Alshon Jeffery 6’4, 232 pounds Wide receiver South Carolina Scouting report Prospect notes Profile Profile 2
5. Mohamed Sanu 6’2, 215 pounds Wide receiver Rutgers
6. Rueben Randle 6’4, 208 pounds Wide receiver LSU
7. Dwight Jones 6’4, 220 pounds Wide receiver North Carolina Quick report Prospect notes
8. Marvin McNutt 6’2, 215 pounds Wide receiver Iowa Quick report
9. Joe Adams 5’10 1/2, 174 pounds Wide receiver Arkansas Quick report
10. Brian Quick 6’3 1/2, 222 pounds Wide receiver Appalachian State Quick report
11. Stephen Hill 6’4, 206 pounds Wide receiver Georgia Tech Scouting report Video
12. Marvin Jones 6’1 7/8, 198 pounds Wide receiver California Scouting report
13. Chris Givens 6’0, 195 pounds Wide receiver Wake Forest Quick report
14. A.J. Jenkins 6’0, 190 pounds Wide receiver Illinois Quick report
15. Jarius Wright 5’9 5/8, 176 pounds Wide receiver Arkansas Quick report
16. Ryan Broyles 5’11, 185 pounds Wide receiver Oklahoma Quick report Prospect notes Profile
17. Nick Toon 6’3, 212 pounds Wide receiver Wisconsin Quick report
18. Jeff Fuller 6’3, 215 pounds Wide receiver Texas A&M Quick report Prospect notes
19. DeVier Posey 6’2, 213 pounds Wide receiver Ohio State Quick report Prospect notes
20. Eric Page 5’10, 180 pounds Wide receiver Toledo Quick report
21. Juron Criner 6’3, 224 pounds Wide receiver Arizona
22. B.J. Cunningham 6’1, 211 pounds Wide receiver Michigan State
23. T.Y. Hilton 5’10, 183 pounds Wide receiver Florida International Scouting report

Alshon Jeffrey, Mo Sanu and Marvin Jones are all solid pros, but the rest? Sheesh!

More for my own amusement than anything else, top WR selected:

2010: Demayrius Thomas (22)
2011: AJ Green (4)
2012: Justin Blackmon (5)
2013: Tavon Austin (8)
2014: Sammy Watkins (4)
2014: Amari Cooper (4)
2016: Corey Coleman (15)
2017: Corey Davis (5)
2018: DJ Moore (24)
2019: Marquise Brown (25)
2020: Henry Ruggs (12)

Actually a bit better than I thought; Cooper and Green you’d be happy with and Davis and Watkins are pretty good (though obviously not worth the pick). It’s not great, but it’s probably pretty random at all positions.

Only 3 absolute duds there - Blackmon, Austin and Coleman (although I do think Coleman was a bit unlucky - he looked very good at times for Cleveland but injuries andplaying for Cleveland saw him drift out of the game early having had little overall impact).

Interesting to note that arguably the best receivers in the league over the last 10 years aren’t in that list though - Antonio Brown (pick 195 in 2010) Julio Jones (2 picks after Green in 2011), DeAndre Hopkins (pick 27 in 2013), Davante Adams (pick 53 in 2014), Michael Thomas (pick 47 in 2016) and Tyreek Hill (pick 165 in 2016) have all had far better careers than the first receivers taken in their draft.

my first choice at 6 would be pitts rather than one of the top 3 WR.

pitts is a one off at TE and can double up as a WR and leave the dolphins to pick up a WR later in the draft.

i think the falcons will go QB or trade the no 4 pick to someone that needs a QB, in which case pitts should be there at 6 as the bengals must be taking either sewell or chase. if pitts has gone by 6 then it wouldn’t surprise me if Miami traded down a few spots.

with 4 picks in the top 50 i’d love to see pitts plus someone for the O line, an edge rusher and RB.

pitts, jenkins, Phillips and haris would be the dream team.

I think there will be a number of very good players at 21

at edge there will be one of phillips, paye, oweh, ojulari

at tackle likley to be vera-tucker or jenkins

at WR elijah moore ,marshall jr, rondale moore, toney

depends what position is most in need but all of the above look like very good 1st round prospects especially at edge and tackle.

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That’s where this draft is so intriguing - what happens with all of these QBs. It looks like Lawrence and Wilson will be off the board with the first 2 picks. Then you still have Jones, Fields and Lance who all appear to be strong prospects and potential franchise QBs. The Niners have traded up with a specific player in mind, and that could well be Jones. That leaves Fields and Lance, and a group of teams including the Falcons, Lions, Panthers, Broncos, Patriots… maybe even Giants and Raiders, who could potentially be in the market for a QB.

The Falcons are probably least likely to take a QB as they’re set with Matt Ryan for at least a couple more years, but if they really rate Fields then why not bag your QB of the future there? If they want to trade down, who could realistically afford that pick?

I suppose what I’m saying is that there are so many variables and potential trades this year that Round 1 should be enthralling to watch.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Fields ends up as the second best QB from this group - if he falls to, say, the Panthers at 8 that could be quite a steal.

i’m not sure the panthers would take fields now they have traded for darnold. they paid a fair amount to get him.

it wouldnt surprise me to see the patriots trade up to 4 and give away a small fortune in draft capital as a result. they have bulked up big in free agency and are desperate to make up ground on the bills and dolphins.

newton doesnt look like the answer and they wont get any of those QB prospects unless they trade up.

the broncos could well trade up to 4 or 6 to snag a QB. it’s not a long way to fall down the draft so may be affordable for them.

i agree, it’s going to be fascinating.

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Not long to go!!!

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I’ll be there!! :dragon:

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I’m awake now but I went to see a friend at the pub for the first time in a year tonight, so there’s a chance I might not be awake for the first pick. Quite a good chance. Dammit!

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So you got Kwity. Great pick. Looks like a top player and a really good guy.

Second best edge rusher in the class after jaelan Phillips. Fins up!

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Yeah I feel like things unfolded nicely for the Colts last night. Very happy with Paye as our first pick. It’s a very tidy haul for the Dolphins as well.

I don’t really know too much about Mac Jones, but it would just be so very Belichickian if he turns out to be amazing and the Pats didn’t even have to trade up to get him. It’ll also be interesting to see what the Bears look like with a potential franchise quarterback. I don’t think I was born when they last had one!

Big news from Green Bay too. I’m not convinced we’ll see Rodgers traded, but it certainly adds some spice to the next couple of weeks.

You say that but they showed a graphic last night at the Pats draft picks over the last 6 years have been pretty horrific. So hopefully, Jones continues that trend.

There are definitely a lot of question marks about him and how he’ll perform when he’s not got the time and space he was given playing college football for one of the elite teams.

Meanwhile, wtf were the Raiders doing??? :rofl:

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I read an article this morning that suggested the Raiders don’t really do any scouting of college prospects anymore. They just watch the Senior Bowl while the good NFL teams are in the playoffs and pick based on that game. They’ve taken an unfancied player from the Senior Bowl with their first pick in 3 consecutive drafts, and none of them have worked out yet.

You’re right that the Pats have not drafted well for a while now. I think much of my assumption that they’ll end up with more value than everyone else is about a decade out of date, but for some reason I just can’t shake it! Too many playoff defeats at the hands of Belichick and Brady will do that to you I suppose.


Yes, i read that article. It’s just a rubbish draft for the Raiders. Even if you’re sold on Leatherwood and think he’s perfect for your needs etc, at least trade back and pick up some draft capital.

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Arguably have never had one. Sid Luckman is the closest and his last game was in 1950! Meanwhile long-suffering Bears fans have had what feels like a quarter-century of facing Favre or Rodgers twice a season.


That could be ending if Rogers is traded. I can see him going to the Broncos, if he does manage to force a trade out. With the Broncos roster and their 2021 trade picks, Rogers would make them a real force.

This is getting a bit spicy (and exciting for a Bears fan):

The Packers drafts for the past two years have been pretty off the wall though.

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they have been baffling

And the 2021 Schedule is now out.

First game:
01.20 Thursday September 9th 2021
Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Now that should be fun. :wink: :dragon:

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