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The NFL thread

The silence is deafening. :dragon:

I’m afraid I don’t really see the point of posting freely available information unrelated to wine here. If I have anything I feel impelled to say I will do so, but I think off-topic threads are better left to live or die organically.

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Then hopefully you will refrain from posting critically!!
Little point in posting, IF you cannot positively add to the thread.
Let that be an end to it. :dragon:

It wasn’t my intention to criticize anyone else’s posts, and don’t believe I’ve done so. I only felt it would be rude to completely ignore you on the second occasion you’ve tagged me personally.

You were happy enough to point out my error.
You apparently were not willing or capable enough to correct the error.
Actions speak louder than words.
When I was a sprog, I brought an issue to the attention of my new boss.
He, quite rightly rounded upon me and said "Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!"
A lesson well learned, and when it was my turn to mentor; I passed this sage advice onto the next generation. :dragon:

This weeks schedule:

18:00 Titans@Ravens
21:25 Packers@Colts
01:20 Chiefs@Raiders
01:15 Rams@Buccs
17:30 Texans@Lions
21:30 Washington FT@Cowboys
01:20 Ravens@Steelers

Lot’s of good games, and the Thanksgiving schedule is a bonus.

  • Start times taken from NFL Website.

Bed at 4.00 am.:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
No spoilers here!! :+1: :dragon:

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I’m impressed by your dedication! I think I’d probably enjoy more American Sportball, if it weren’t for the staying up past my bedtime, especially with the recent implosion of our national Welsh sportball team (although I’m informed we’ve been promoted to the top division in the “Nations League” this week).

Fins not so up any more.

Teams go from the pinnacle to down amongst the wines and spirits. ( :clap: PGW)
Once Warren left and the WRU dispensed with the services of Shaun Edwards, the writing was on the wall. Wayne Pivac has an almost impossible job following Gatland, the demi-god of the modern Welsh Rugby game, he has his opportunity and we should be patient and give him a few seasons to develop a style that suits our game.
Rome was not built in …
And with the Rugby Administrators hell bent on selling the 6N’s off for the proverbial mess of potage, turning my attention to the NFL will reduce my burgeoning blood pressure. :+1: :dragon:

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18:00 Titans@Colts
21:25 Chiefs@Buccs
01:15 Ravens@Steelers
01:20 Bears@Packers
01:15 Seahawks@Eagles
01:20 Cowboys@Ravens

*Start times taken from NFL Website :+1: :dragon:

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have the Thanksgiving Day games on this evening and will be watching both. But with the Ravens v Steelers game being moved to Sunday it means that this is the first Thanksgiving Day slate of games with no teams with a winning record since 1959. It’s not quite the treat we usually get!


I just got the change.
I think that the Ravens@Steelers will be the 2nd Monday morning game.
And speaking personally, I would prefer watching the Steelers game to the Packers game, but we shall see if Sky change their published schedule. :+1: :dragon:

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I suspect even hardcore Bears fans won’t be too fussed about watching Bears @ Packers this week. I know Chicago’s defence is pretty good, but they are so miserable to watch on offence.

I have a feeling Sky will be obliged to stick with the Packers game, however. I’m pretty sure they’ve just bought the ‘Sunday Night Football’ license so will get the game that’s shown - we’d need NBC to switch to the Steelers game, and they probably won’t do that at such short notice. It’s a real shame though - one of these games has potential to be extremely good, and the other is in Wisconsin…

However, the COLTS are televised in the 6pm slot which makes me very happy. This is a huge game - win it and we’re well on course to take the division. We’ve still got to play the Texans twice, and the Jags - all 3 of which are games we stand a good chance of winning - and then away games at Pittsburgh and Vegas. I’m definitely less confident about those last 2.

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The late game is for the chance to top the NFC East though! :joy:

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Ravens Steelers game is 6:15pm Sunday UK time on NBC, not at same time as Sunday Night Football.

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Isn’t that insane?!
I think the Cowboys will take the division. Their D looks a bit better lately and they still have so many talents on offence. The late game could actually be entertaining. Washington’s pass rush is pretty fierce.

Sky Sports
The Ravens@Steelers is on the Red Button (approx 18:00), then SkySportsArena Channel from 18:30 Sunday evening, so improbably “hat’s off” to SKY!! :+1: :dragon:

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And now the Ravens@Steelers on Wednesday Dec 2nd at 01:00 (ish)
The NFL website indicates that it will be on Sky.
No doubt the Cowboys@Ravens on Friday morning will rescheduled to another day.
Covid-19 has started to make an impact on the published games, but in truth I think we (they) have done well to keep it together, as long as they have.
I think that some big fines will be made; and some teams may well feel aggrieved for the way they have been disrupted!! :wink: :dragon:

Well this didn’t age well! To be fair, the two early injuries on the Cowboys’ offensive line pretty much killed them. Credit to Washington though, they really took care of business.

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