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The NFL thread


Louisville@Notre Dame (19:30)
Browns@Steelers (18:00)
Packers@Buccs (21:15)
Rams@49ers (01:10)
Chiefs@Bills (21:45)
Cardinals@Cowboys (01:00)
Giants@Eagles (01:00)

The schedule is a movable feast, all depending on Covid-19 tests.

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That’s a great night on sunday. Two cracking games. Followed by Chiefs v Bills on Monday.


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Well those two games were not as cracking as I thought they would be. Both very one sided.

Looking back at my predictions, I’m still confident that I’ve got the right AFC picks for the playoffs (although not all in the right order) except for the Titans who look a much better bet than the Pats at this point.

I’ve got the NFC picks horribly wrong in a few cases, Yes I’m looking at you Eagles and Vikings and injury hit 49ers and even the Saints have some serious work to do.

Never mind!!
Chiefs@Bills tonight.
And not too late. :grinning: :dragon:

Yeah the Titans game was the one to watch. It’s so frustrating when you’re watching a meh game and you can see the score of another game that is obviously more fun!

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Enjoyed both Monday night games. :+1:
(No spoilers here!)
Much to be gleaned for further down the seasons road.
Whilst not a gambler, I started with £5 on an online betting site, at the beginning of the season to see how much I could increase it to ( :pray:) by the end of the season.
It is an odd sensation when your own money is involved on the result of a game. :open_mouth:
My target is a bottle of Fizz, maybe Prosecco, but hopefully Krug. :grinning:
But nothing is the probability. :sob:
We shall see. :dragon:

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Do you not have access to Redzone? It’s not the same as watching a single good game, but I think it’s infinitely preferable to watching a single one-sided game.


Hmmm… I don’t know, do I? I have a NowTV pass.

This suggests you do: https://www.nowtv.com/ie/stream/world-of-sport

I think it’s on some weird Sky channel and not well advertised, but it’s a while since I used Sky.

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SkySp Mix which covers Red Zone on Sunday evening is on Sky Channel 416. :wink::dragon:

Giants@Eagles (00:30)
Steelers@Titans (17:00)
49ers@Patriots (20:15)
Buccs@Raiders (00:10)
Bears@Rams (00:00)
Falcons@Panthers (00:00)

The schedule is a movable feast, all depending on Covid-19 tests.

For what it’s worth, your times are I believe off from Sunday on because I believe our clocks change this weekend and US doesn’t yet.

Well, you could help us all out by posting the correct times!! :wink: :grinning: :dragon:

That would involve working out which direction they’re wrong in!

Not exactly rocket science! :wink: :+1: :dragon:

Done!! :dragon:

Having a good Sunday, 3/3.
Just the Chiefs to go. :+1: :wink: :dragon:

Patriots and Texans losing, has been a great day for Dolphins fans even without playing a game as we’re on a bye week.

We’ve got the Texans 1st and 2nd round draft picks for the 2021 draft so the longer they go on losing the better that trade looks!

And next week, it’s Tua Time!!!

I think that I will invite @NW_passenger the privilege of posting this weeks schedule as he seems to be so clued up.
Do not forget that the clocks are changing this weekend in the US. :+1: :dragon:

FINS UP! :dolphin: