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The NFL thread

With no pre-season, there is every chance of a few upsets in the coming weeks. :grinning:
I do not well normally sit on the fence, but for some weeks my rear end may well experience some numbness!! :rofl: :rofl: :blush::dragon:

The Sky matches schedule looks like this.
All UK time.
Friday 01:00 Texans@Chiefs
Sunday 17:00 Dolphins@Patriots
Sunday 21:15 Buccs@Saints
Monday 01:20 Cowboys@Rams
Monday 23:55 Steelers@Giants
Tuesday 03:15 Titans@Broncos

These times are when the Sky build up begins, NOT the kick off time.

Do not forget the BBC NFL coverage.
Saturday BBC! 23:15 - 23:55 The NFL Show
Tuesday BBC late evening, The NFL Highlights Show

This a scant few months ago, is coverage way beyond my wildest dreams.
It will be down to the players, to observe the “bubble” rules, lest it will all fall apart very, very quickly! :open_mouth: :cry: :dragon:


I’ve heard today that Channel 5 will be showing Monday Night Football too, and they’ll have a Sunday morning ‘magazine’ type show as well. With Sky now having a dedicated NFL channel as well, it’s fair to say we’ve got more coverage on uk tv than ever before. And I love it!


I had no idea, take 11/10 that man!! :+1:
Good to see some terrestrial coverage for games.
Those with Amazon Prime with get the Thursday Night games. :+1:
The NFL is making a concerted effort, like the ECB with Cricket on BBC.
This has debunked what moron’s said that Sport did not need to be on Free-to-Air TV.
Golf has lost its audience, that’ll be next!!
And more than one live F1GP eventually.
I pay the Sky Sports sub, I am losing value but I don’t care.
The kids today need to see their heroes on FreeView, otherwise they will never be fans!!
How times change. :wink: :grinning: :dragon:


I can hardly contain myself.
It seems lifetimes ago, when the curtain went down after a fabulous Superbowl last February.
And the world has changed.
Tonight a semblance of normality returns, as long as teams avoid Covid-19. :open_mouth:
And a mouth-watering prospect of the Texans and Deshaun Watson v the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes!! :astonished:
It will be a long night with the game kickoff at 01:10, but sod it!! :+1:
And with no pre-season games, my jury is out on who may win, well sort of!!
Bookies Chiefs 2/9 to win. Texans 3.7/1 to win.

So 3 nights per week, NFL.
3 ODI’s remaining.
10 F1GP’s
4 6N’s remaining matches
England Men’s T20 Championship in Aussie
IPL in UAE 60 matches
Some may say sport overload, just as well that Football does not interest me. :dragon:


I played football pretty much every season from 1986 to 2010 and absolutely loved it, but while I still follow the game now it’s definitely a distant 3rd for me behind NFL and cricket. I’m big enough to accept that, as a United fan, my team becoming pretty dull is a big factor in this. Either way, I’m just not that fussed these days!

I’m pretty confident in a Chiefs victory tonight. It’s basically the Super Bowl winning team with a couple of minor changes, against a team who traded their best receiver for a running back who was benched by the Cardinals last year. And the Chiefs destroyed the Texans in the playoffs last year. I think Mahomes will tear them to pieces :wink:


I just checked the Amazon Prime Video UK website.

I discovered that the number of Thursday Night games covered will be eight.
And the 1st game will be next month.
So just for accuracy, I post this clarification. :grinning: :dragon:

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No spoilers from me!! :+1:
The game was over at 04:30 AM, the constant and l-o-n-g advertising breaks drove me crazy! :open_mouth: The action however was terrific.
In future the late games (starting at 01:00 AM) will be watched enthusiastically, the following morning - whilst exercising my own news blackout. :grinning: :dragon:

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Poor Tom and the Chargers :rofl:
Time marches on, inexorably. :open_mouth: :dragon:

I think you’re missing the true NFL news, that Jason Bell will be doing Strictly!!!

Saved my 2020 :laughing:


Watched the Giants game on catch- up today. Really great to watch a full game and skip the ads.

And yes J Bell on Strictly is going to be fun.

Is that something to do with corporal punishment??lol :rofl: :open_mouth: :wink:

@Lewis @Bargainbob
My tactics for watching alive game, is to start watching it live, one hour after the start.
With all the adverts fast forwarded through, you can get close to the real time finish!!
Thurs/Fri 01:00 Bengals@Browns
Sun/Mon 01:10 Patriots@Seahawks
Mon/Tues 01:00 Saints@Raiders
Sun 18:00 No word yet
Sun 21:15 - ditto -
The Ravens@Texans might be a good pick for the 21:15 game? :dragon:

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The Sunday 6pm game is…


Woo-hoo! Can’t remember the last time the Colts were on live for the 6pm game. I’ll have to pause it during the bath and bedtime routine for the girls (with the added bonus of being able to skip through commercial breaks for a bit after that). The Vikings were fairly abysmal on defence against the Packers, and despite losing to the lowly Jags there were promising signs for the Colts in week 1. If nothing else, we should see some scoring.


Browns v Bengals should be interesting. I was very impressed with Burrow’s drive at the end of the game which should have seen them tie the game and take it to overtime.

Pats v Seahawks is also one to watch. I fancy the Seahawks to win that.

Texans v Ravens could also be a good game with 2 quality QB’s going head to head.

I fear for my Dolphins against the Bills. The Bills and Josh Allen looked very good, admittedly against an awful Jets team.

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That should be a good game.
I followed Lamar Jackson through his college career, he was awesome. Lot’s of material on YouTube as an appetite wetter.
And Patriots@Seahawks, just oozes class. Belichick v Pete Carrol is quite the match-up! :+1:
A Monday morning watch!! :grinning:

I was hoping to see Lamar Jackson light up the Texans stadium with his trademark, lightning running moves. Not so much, he threw well and backed and strangled Deshaun Watson into a corner, that they could not escape from.
I also wanted to see Patrick Mahomes do well and he did in a squeaker, but I did not see much of that game.
The Cowboys game, a Hollywood writer might have proposed the script, no-way would it have been made - so unlikely the outcome. It did amuse me that at one point in this game, Dallas were rated as 2% likely victors!!
The game that I finished watching this afternoon, was the Patriots visit to Seattle.
A transfixing masterclass of two QB’s at their majestic best. I have never had anytime for Belichick due to the various “Gates” that have afflicted New England. This however was a game for the ages and reinforces quite why NFL Football is such a fabulous watch!!
I did not know that Cam Newton was THAT good, and Russel Wilson could be a smidge better. You cannot ask more for a game to come down to low, single digit seconds remaining, a scant few yards to traverse, and the ball in the mitts of a 6’ 5", 245 lb & 4.6 sec for 40 yd dash super athletic hulk who can truly run through brick walls!! :wink:
This entire game will remain on my hard drive for a very long time. :+1:
When you look at the wonderful list of QB’S playing today, we live in a time that I have never envisioned, and sometimes pinch myself to see if I might wake up!! :astonished: :champagne: :grinning: :dragon:

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