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The NFL thread


Seeing the details of the Society Fantasy Football League reminded me that we probably need an NFL thread. It also got me wondering if any of the NFL fans in the community play Fantasy NFL? If there’s interest in a league, I’m happy to set one up?

Anyway, my far too early predictions for the season:

AFC Champion - Patriots, obviously, sadly…
NFC Champion - I think the Falcons could do it again, but I’m going to say Packers

1st overall pick in 2018 draft - has to be the Jets!

How will my team do - AFC South looks much more competitive all of a sudden, and I can’t see the Colts winning the division. I think we’ll be out of the playoffs again with 7-9 wins.

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Society staff do the Yahoo version (I lost out in the final last year!) It would be fun to set up a community NFL League, and I know that there would be several takers here. #AutodraftForTheWin


I think that @Justin is involved in that, correct? Maybe he can coordinate something between the Society staff and the community as with the Premier League effort

(p.s. love the gif)


Very happy to do another fantasy NFL league, in a couple already but more means at least some chance of making playoffs
I agree AFC pats but would add Go Pats!
NFC giants this time


[quote=“Donjmferguson, post:4, topic:271”]
Go Pats!
[/quote]There’s always one… :wink:

Any other takers for a fantasy league? @Justin @jameshubbard113 Anyone else?


Yup. Up for it too.


Count me in as well. I’m sure there’s a few more people here that would join if we need the numbers. @Bargainbob do you want to go ahead and set it up? Happy to take the lead if you’d prefer.


Go for it @Justin!


Also up for it. Nfl.com do a good fantasy league tioo.


I’ve created a league in Yahoo and sent you all a link to join directly. If anyone else would like to join just let me know!


Thanks Justin! Much appreciated


I’d be happy to join a league


So does anyone follow a particular team? Any predictions for next week’s 1st round of games? Raiders vs Titans could be a good match up.


I’m a Colts fan, and not a particularly optimistic one this year. The defence hasn’t gelled yet, our running game is generally average, there are key injuries all over the team including a key player on the offensive line, and our star QB hasn’t recovered from his surgery… other than that we’ll be fine!!

I agree that the Raiders-Titans game looks the best from the early kickoffs, but later on Seattle @ Green Bay, and Giants @ Cowboys should both be great games. Can’t wait for it to get started!



Packers fan, by any chance? :grinning:


Talking of packers fans…Aaron Rodgers hardly had a stormer last night, just 17.5 points but felt like a very low scoring week all around.

At least the mighty Oakland Raiders won!


Glad I didn’t join then :slight_smile:


Sadly my fantasy team looks about as inept as my real team at this point. Desperate times for the Indianapolis Colts, and Cabernet Franc Gore :sob:


Never mind Bob at least you’ll have Jay Ajayi back this week!!