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The New Society Website - what should it be like?

But that wasn’t the point. There may be members who are not active here who have suggestions about the website. The purpose of the Community is:

’ The Society’s Community is the space for members of The Wine Society to interact with each other, and to discuss any aspects of wine and the many ways of enjoying it to the fullest.’

If non-community members feel strongly about the website the chances are they’ll know how to share their views with Member Services. This is also an open community which all members are welcome to join and take part in.

We’re only talking about the functionality of a website for buying wine rather than access to public healthcare or democracy, not sure if I understand the problem!


Oh oh! before this get into a slanging match I wasn’t meaning to sound derogatory about us gossipers! cum vinously gifted opinion formers, I merely meant that vis-a-vis the website, I would have thought that a more formal repository for requests/wishes would have been useful. One has to admit however that apart from the erudite wisdom often found on here, there is a ‘healthy’ degree of goss!


Luke & Matt Goss - as in ‘Bros’ ?


“When will I will I be famous” :joy:…I think one of the brothers is now resident in Vegas or used to be . He had his own show there .

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You can catch up with them here:

Im sure members could use email directed to the right person if they felt strong enough of opinion

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I think Luke Goss has bigger fish to fry


You say he’s got his own show in Vegas… guess that answers the question.


Over the years there have been a few grumbles about how flaky the “New Wines” list is. It seems to be very much a lottery whether a wine goes on this list when it’s added (more often than not it isn’t as far as I can see). I think a really easy solution to this would be an additional sort option - By date added to list - when viewing search results.


I just bought this:

Alheit ‘Broom Ridge’ Paardeberg 2019

(thanks @szaki1974 for flagging)

Limited to 3 per member

You CAN put it in reserves but not via online purchase - please fix so wines limited to < 6 can be ordered to reserves without a phone call to member services.


Not really the correct place but didnt want to start a one off thread.

Has anyone found the current site to he running slow over the last few days? It has been taking about 2/3 mins for each page to fully load. I have tried TWS on different devices but it has the the same issue. Any other website that I visit is loading as normal. :man_shrugging:


Yes, you’re not the only one -it’s been commented on in another thread. I think there is some work going on behind the scenes in prep for the new website (transfer of data or some such… not my area!), so pages take quite a while to load.


Ah okay. Thank you :+1:

It would be great to be able to filter by bottle size under My Reserves.