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The New Society Website - what should it be like?

That’s wisdom I think. Especially not allowing credit card details to be held. It’s only a few moments extra to add that information each time.

I’m not sure what to say about the phone scam attempts. My approach - which seems to bear dividends - is to allow them to chat to my answering machine for as long as they like. That goes towards their call costs and overhead time, which they won’t like and will avoid. A phone answered is a phone with someone on the other end to be called again later. All unrecognised numbers are left unanswered this way, but you need a system with plenty of call/numbers memory.

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On apps., we went round this last time we discussed the subject. Adaptive websites are the way to go these days rather than apps.

I’ve got an electric car, and many charging companies still use apps. You should read the comments on this on any EV forum! To be fair, most are moving towards contactless CC payment on rapid chargers, thanks to the government putting its oar in.

But my mobile is groaning under the weight of these things. No more please!

Haven’t seen it mentioned but the ability to edit orders until a set time before dispatch as you can with a supermarket order would be great.

Realise though that this topic so close to the launch is a little pointless!


I think, the more ideas - the better.
No doubt there will be a V 2.0 and even V 3.0 down the road…
As a matter of interest, can anyone remember if the Membership was asked/consulted as to what we wanted out of a New website??
I cannot believe that it will just be handed to us, not having had any meaningful input. :+1: :dragon:

I do believe it was discussed at the AGM with those involved in restructuring taking consideration from comments on the community. Tbh, I’m quite happy with it being “handed to us”. If it’s better and more useable its a win win!!


I would like the website to be less functional and to harder to use in general. I want more hurdles.

Take yesterday, for example. The children’s evening meal was particularly hot as I plated up, and I didn’t want to call them to the table immediately because I tire of the inevitable volley of complaints as they oafishly burn their tongues. But by the time their food had cooled a little - in just that handful of minutes - I had signed up to a Vintage Cellar Plan and am now down £45 a month for the foreseeable future.

Make it unwieldy say I, the impulsive.


Not sure if the new website can fix this but when placing an order for delivery in 2-3 weeks and you get bottle/s unfilled as “we have been advised that unfortunately, due to a stock issue, we are unable to supply…”
When I ordered, it was in stock. Stayed in stock for 1-2 weeks. TWS continued to (over) sell. And then I don’t get the wine/s I ordered.

I do however get a credit note which in some cases (mixed Felton Road anyone?) just doesn’t cut it. Sorry to bring that up @willrcwyatt

Very frustrating (and yeah I know, it’s only wine etc)

But if the new website could put an end to that, I would be very grateful.


Gets even more frustrating when the reason for the delayed delivery is awaiting stock of something else (that’s then delayed even longer - I’m actually still down one bottle on my last order, which was made at the beginning of February!).


The notion of this thread, at least in part is to see if Members aspirations for the website that they would like to see balances with what is given to us.
I fully appreciate that whatever we “get” will not please every Member, and there will be outlier Members who see no reason to change anything. My simple answer to that is if Society took that route, we would still be stuck with requests being written on vellum, using the tail feathers of Mute Swans as the writing implement and the communication would be sent to Ye Olde Stevenage by Stagecoach!!
Change whether one likes it or not, is inevitable - one either embraces it and moves on or get stuck in a time warp universe that only exists in the history books. :open_mouth: :dragon:


I think if it was possible to check our DNA’s for an impulsive gene then we’d pretty much all fall into that category. Ooops, finger slipped again…


They’d probably find an “obsessive” one knocking about here and there as well.

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There is also another thread on the website issues and what members would like to have changed long before “this” thread was started, there are plenty of suggestions on there which I’m sure will have been looked at by those involved in the “change”.
Like you’ve said, not everyone will be happy all the time but moving forwards is a good thing and with a faster more efficient site, the majority should be happier.


Pretty much what others have mentioned.

Real time stock would be great but a low stock email when a wine in your basket or wish list is getting low on stock would be fine. This could be when wines are down to x amount of cases or just a specific % of the original order quantity if the WS has commercial concerns.

Yes, an easy way to find new wines. I mean, this isn’t a big change, just order the current new wine page by date rather than price.

A area to see all the recent email offers to Members. Even if we’re not all on the same distribution lists, it would be nice to be able to see what other Members may have been sent.

When a wine is OOS please keep the information available when you search for the wine on Google or similar. Being directed to a page saying this wine is no longer available is never helpful.


Hopefully it will be improved in the new website, but in the old one if you change “ProductDetail” to “HistoricProductDetail” in the link the information (other than the price) magically reappears.

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I would like a spellchecker… that is global in it’s interpretation. There are too many wine-words which are non-English.

Integration to Vivino applet to show the wine scores right at the page.

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Ideally one that knows the difference between your sense of taste, an artist’s paint tray, and something picked up by a forklift truck.


And I’d like an embedded app like Google Translate, which can translate the more flowery obscure descriptions of some of the wines into plain English that is meaningful. I suspect the resultant sentences would be somewhat briefer.


Good Morning, One of the things I like most about TWS is the ability to buy the odd bottle as a tester (or even a taster). I never open red wine for a week after delivery to allow it to settle; so seven days after delivery and maybe a two weeks after ordering I try my purchase. It turns out to be quite excellent. I go the TWS website to order a case; all sold, gone, none left. The situation might be helped if some indication could be shown of stock levels when ordering wine.
Another thought is that the page upload speed could be improved.

There is evidence that this is unnecessary, see the 2019 paper by Tofterup:

‘Using descriptive analysis and sensory difference testing, the results showed no statistically significant differences between wines which had recently undergone shipping and a control bottle which had never travelled.’