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The New Society Website - what should it be like?

The new website cannot be far away.
What functions (new or old) should it have.
What improvements would YOU like to see.
What irritating attributes of the OLD website would you be delighted to see the back of?
Once the NEW WEBSITE is up and running, this thread might be the one to post comments. :+1: :dragon:

I would like to see genuinely newly added wines, where new = a much smaller window. Something along the lines of “wines added today”, or “wines added this week”.

I would also like to see “wines being released from reserves soon” - as distinct from “order now - arriving on x date” that is in place today. Not on the main list necessarily, but even a page with an indication that eg, a small selection of Burgundy 2017 is planned to go live 3rd week of June would be useful. Better still it has what wines and the expected price (or even a range), but in terms of promoting sound financial planning that would be a great help.

If a wine has been offered before I’d like to know when and what the price was at that point.

I’d also like to see a genuine interpretation of “low stock”. Not a booking.com view of hotel rooms remaining, nor an airline view of seats left, but a very neutral and unpressurised view of what is left - notwithstanding the competitive disadvantage point that I think Toby mentioned re giving away TWS buying power.

I would like more of a dashboard view of my reserves, rather than a straight list with filters. I’d also like an accurate view of what I paid, and full access (rather than sporadic) to the EP tasting notes. Ideally I’d like it to also then display a true cost view with storage included.

I’d like the full historical view of EP offers - it is there for the major wine regions, but less certain for the minor ones. 2018 Burgundy is still not up!

I’d like a way beyond manual labour to chart how EP prices for a wine have moved year on year, even a “last year this wine was offered at x” would be a start.

I’d like to not be logged out after what seems like only a few minutes.

And I’d like the core functionality in a dedicated app. There was one once but it was withdrawn.

And finally I’d like to have access to this Forum rationed to preserve my battered finances.


No one else uses the laptop that I use to access my Wine Society account.
But as @Wansteadbirder said, we are logged out automatically after scant minutes.
We should be able to choose our log-in period from 10 minute to infinity!! :+1: :dragon:


I would like to be able to post a review/TN for a wine that I purchased that is now out of stock.
This ability would be of great use to the membership to gauge when to broach a bottle.
The number of times that I have wanted to post a Tasting Note only to find that the “system” stops me doing it is beyond irritating and is a massive disservice to the wider Membership!! :+1: :dragon:


I would like to see the Buyers post a TN when they have tasted a wine(s) that the Members have purchased. This might be a year or 10 years down the road, it would be a huge service to the Members and something other Wine Merchants do not do. :+1: :dragon:


A bit like a gambling safely app which limits your spending which you pre-set on the cold light of a Tuesday morning, or a pop up which asks “Are You Really Really Sure You Want This ?” or “What if the Other Half Finds Out it Costs this Much ?”

Could be helpful indeed


I don’t want much, but I would like it if, on the wine description panel (grape variety, region etc) the descriptions were functional link buttons - so you could click on Xinomavro, or Greece , ABV etc etc, and it would take you to a list of this things.

I have no idea whether that is easy or hard, I’d just like it. :smiley:


I was wondering whether you could set a monthly cap on spending actually. It is very easy to just keep buying wine.


A feature I would like is new vintage of previously bought wine is now in stock, linked from my wines.
For example if you bought 2016 Guigal CdR and the vintage changed to 2017 an email arrived to advise availability.


Better descriptions/tasting notes would be good.


Ability to buy (yes, including paying) a few wines, to ensure that they are held for me, but with a facility to build up a reasonable sized order and then specify a delivery date.

Easier access to the wine notes for all wines in a mixed case (without having to find each individual wine’s ref number).

Ability to put a wine not currently in stock but expected/ expected in the following year into ‘wish list’.

Put Madeira into Portugal for indexing.


The main things, for me, are to do with how you view your historic purchases and reserves. It would be good to have:

  1. Info in spreadsheet format, with the ability to order things by any of the main characteristics (eg drink from, drink by, grape, origin etc).

  2. Tasting notes that don’t disappear.

  3. Not being thrown back to the top of the reserves list each time you put something in your call off basket.


I’m nearly 60 (and I suspect are many other members)

Change…unless for a bloody good reason, I don’t like. And I’m a professional designer, we are ALL about innovation. I’m sick to death of websites which arse about with changes for no good reason except to keep web-flunkies in business.

SO… If it aint broke, leave well alone.


Oh… and this is REALLY contentious. Some kind of flag (filter?) that indicates a wine is ((organic / environmentally friendly / low carbon-footprint / no dolphins were harmed etc))

Almost impossible to define, and the benchmarks be very difficult to delineate. BUT… I think this is the future & I would like to see TWS dipping a toe in the water (wine lake / barrique etc)


The following fixes would be good:

  1. I want to be able to set my default view - ie see wines by price low to high and 60 per page. I do not want the system to revert to a different default (relevance’ and 15 per page) when I next log in.
  2. I want the notes from previous EP campaigns uploaded sooner - neither the Bordeaux 2018 nor the 2019 EP notes are up yet on the Recent EP Notes pages yet.
  3. I would like more historic price data. Some members are already providing this, which has been brilliant but could this just accompany each EP offer?
  4. It would be great to link reviews from the Community to the ‘live’ wines available for purchase.

Just in case you don’t know this, tasting notes of wines you’ve bought are available indefinitely - suspect you know that, but just in case not it’s handy to know.


Not if I got them EP and they disappeared at that stage!

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Chance would be a fine thing

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I would like an alert for wines that have gone out of stock.
Similar to the Wish List page, if a wine sells out before you get a chance to purchase, it often hangs around on the website for a few days. If you could click a button that adds it to an ‘Alert Me’ page and if any more stock is listed on the website you would get an automated email.
Things often appear a few weeks after going off sale which I assume is cancelled orders or there might be that TWS buyer can secure more stock that flows back on to the website a few months later.

Also, I would like a breakdown of percentages of blends where available in the grape description on the product page.


I would like to see all English Bottled wines clearly denoted. Why hide them?