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The new "Bin" series


A quick glance at our sales data shows that of the 1450 transactions on Bin #001, 87 were in the showroom, so 6% of our regular transactions. Around 6% of our active membership lives within easy driving distance of the showroom.


I don’t think they are intended to be wines that every member is guaranteed to taste. If one is released every 2 months (is that correct?) then there should be a reasonable chance you’ll be able to try one or two over the course of a year, depending on your ordering frequency.

Having said that, I’ve been rather unlucky in placing an order just a day before the release of both Bins #001 and #002! Only my weak will and ability to post-date an order has allowed me an opportunity to try the Zweigelt.

I think members within easy reach of the showroom have a slight advantage to buy every limited stock wine, not just these Bin selections. I am just glad for my bank account’s sake it’s an hour away for me.


Well, that happens all the time though. Loads of tasty-looking bottles have appeared on the main list and I haven’t been able to order them - for whatever reason - before they sold out. It’s the nature of the beast.

I haven’t bought either of the Bin wines, but not because I wouldn’t like them (I’m sure I would) - it’s just that they’re no higher on my long list of wine priorities for having a different label, or being part of a numbered series.

I’m sure one day a Bin bottle of some sort will coincide with my basket on the way to checking out, but until then I’ll continue to place orders whenever it’s right for me to do so :+1:



“I am not a number, I am a free man!”


You can only purchase the Bin Series if you live In The Village


I really like a variable list too, my local indie merchant is about 50% lines (almost) always on and 50% changing (when it’s gone it’s gone) so it isn’t a wine society only thing. I like having new things to choose, variety is the spice of life etc…

Plus surely we’re all in this for the ‘small batch’ nature of the wines? Wines that are always available year round in huge supply are the supermarkets domain.


Being able to get to the showroom is an advantage. I live nowhere near but last week was travelling up and down the A1 and popped in.

On the shelf were bottles of the Vajra Barbera and the Mascarello Dolcetto. Both of which had been showing as “no longer available” on the website. I had a similar experience last year with the Burlotto wines.


I think the minimum spend for free delivery for Majestic is £150 and £200 for BBR so we seem to have a lower threshold.

I feel that the Bin series wines are a great addition to a normal order as an extra couple of bottles to try.


See principle six re sales conversion here: