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The new "Bin" series


So now we know where to look!

(Like the labels - very smart!)


The labels are based on the original labels of our wines - there are a few of them in the member’s room, Algerian claret anyone?


Oh yes please :grin:


There’s usual another Bobal (solo?) on the lost, suspect it will be back soon as its a regular feature. With thats aid the Bin #001 was a much better wine, and i’d bought the exact same wine from the society before but under it’s own label.


Curious? Whilst I love the old style traditional labelling for this new bin series (not impressed with the wines picked yet though) I am curious why the ‘new venture’ did not use ‘new modern-style’ labelling. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the labels but why old fashioned for a new venture?


Have you tried them?


One imagines it’s because the series is inspired by a founding principle of the society so, when looking for ways to be distinctive, this feels like a good choice. It helps tell the story of the series.


No Leah! I’m afraid I have to make my money go further than wasting it on Bobal and Zweigelt. But that wasn’t my point. My point was about the disparity in new idea old fashioned look etc. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer for you.


There’s an idea for Bin #003


Having had two red wines already, I predict #003 to be a white wine, from one of the Balkan countries, or Greece.


Furmint from Slovenia, perhaps?! I had a very good one recently…


Maybe not Europe this time… an obscure European varietal from Australia? Like Arneis?


What, like this one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How was that missed? Must have been some sort of blind spot when looking around for it :smiley:


And a very good wine it is too! :+1: :+1:


But what about bringing back the Piedmont one?


Very pleased to inform you that the Roero Arneis Bric Ceniciurio, Pittatore Sacchetto Fiorella will be back with us later this year - the 2018 vintage should appear towards the end of October.


Yeah… the Blind Spot range is pretty good… to me it feels like a better version of the Bin Series focusing on Australia with successive vintages of gems that Mac Forbes unearths…


I feel the same about The Liberator range - I tried a few really good SA wines via this range. Looks like the ale is the only one currently on the list, though.


I “only need an order amounting to £75 for free delivery” means that by the time we get to Bin 006 I will have “only” had to order £450 of wine, not necessarily at a time of my choosing, if I want to try these limited release wines.

As per my OP, very much biased towards members near enough to drop in to the showroom