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The new "Bin" series



not sure, as a newbie to the community, whether this is the best place for this comment.

I was interested to see the launch of the new concept “bin 001” etc. At the same time, having just had my newsletter, I was disappointed to see that the first one has run out and along comes “Bin 002”.

This seems to me to be biased very much towards those members local to Stevenage who are able to pop in and buy the odd bottle as and when. I too would like to try these wines but I don’t want to have to put together an order for a case OR pay shipping just so I can try them.

Perhaps waiting until there are more wines in the category and then offering a mixed case of, say, Bin 001-Bin 006 would be an option to consider in future?


Hi @mistyoptic, welcome to the community! Here is definitely the best place to find out and discuss the Bin series . There is a whole thread dedicated to Bin 002
Bin #002 ( Yes discourse, this is a real topic 🤣)
It will most likely sell out quite quick and you only need an order amounting to £75 for free delivery.
There are some fabulous summer sizzlers available at the moment so it shouldn’t be a problem to find something else you would like to pop in your case :+1:.


@mistyoptic, so you missed a Bobal! You were lucky.


Nice idea on the mixed case !

wrt 001 having run out - perhaps this bin series proved more popular than first thought?

I’m waiting for 007 - will it be something ‘from Russia with love’ ? (I’ll get my coat!)


No, Doctor …


I suppose that the list of future releases is currently 'for your eyes only"?


A View To A Spill, if you’ve had too many…


if you are an MW do you have a ‘licence to spill’ ?


Mixed case of 1-6 (or perhaps 2x 1-3) would be a great idea! I hope TWS have reserved enough to make this possible.


The Bin series wines are one off offerings, when its gone, its gone, its always meant to be a small parcel of wine that are ‘hitherto unknown’.


I sort of threw in a casual question about that earlier.

I can see and understand the short term goal in that but I’m less clear on the longer term strategy. So we’ve been introduced to the ‘hitherto unknown’ and find we like it, maybe a lot, but now there’s no real follow through. I can’t say “gosh, I liked that, I must order more!”

So hopefully you are successful in introducing us convincingly to the ‘unknown’ but then you’re not successful in serving that new taste we’ve just been introduced to.


Hitherto is a good word.

I also like heretofore.


The way I understand the ‘Bin’ Series is more of an introduction to perhaps less familiar grapes or wine styles, which get their moment in the sun through the special bottling. Maybe the thinking is - if a member discovered that Zweigelt is a really lovely grape, that can make a good alternative to, say, Beaujolais- they will feel more confident trying another Zweigelt from the regular list.

Obviously, if the particular Bin was a success and you want that particular flavour, of that particular vintage - it doesn’t work so well. But for me it’s more of an invitation for an adventure. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty much with @MikeFranklin on this. It seems a bit pointless to introduce the “hitherto unknown” if it is then almost immediately going to be the “hereafter unavailable”. If it’s just to promote a different grape variety why not market an established wine from that grape?

Rather strange I think.


Easier to tell an intersting story about a product you control.


Seems to have been working fine since 1874


Oh, the heritage story has been updated since last I looked at it. Looks good.
It’s not the hitherto part that bothers me, but the hereafter. If I try new wine X and don’t like it, so be it. If I do like wine X and want more I can’t get it again.


Indeed, I’ve spotted another zweigelt on the wine list but not another bobal. Perhaps, if this Bin series continues to be successful, we should see more of these new wines we’ve been introduced to in the regular wine list?


That would be nice and is sort of what I was hinting at!


Starting my very own collection over here :wink: