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The most outrageous wine marketing instances


TWS is at the forefront of honest, factual wine marketing. Enough to look at the description of the Siciety’s Red Burgundy on the website. Not all merchants are so scrupulous. To be honest I started this topic as certain things p***ed me off. So here for the most outrageous pieces of wine marketing that come our way. I will start it off with the following lie gem. Without naming the merchant.

Our own joint highest-scoring wine in the Medoc in 2015, alongside Margaux, Lafite Rothschild has been upgraded by Antonio Galloni (94-97 initially and now 96+)

Er… no that is not an upgrade…


Even worse…the IWC (International Wine Challenge) hands out over 9,600 awards each year (yes, you heard me, I said 9,600!) Now you would expect that these wines have to “beat” other wines to get an award. But no, according to one judge. “If a wine doesn’t make you retch, then it get’s a commendation” One year, Tesco entered 112 of their “Own Label” wines and achieved a 90% award rate. The IWC is owned by William Reed Business Media (publisher of numerous food and drinks magazines) The IWC host an annual dinner where you can buy tickets priced £250 each to attend or you can always buy award stickers for your lucky wine (some companies spend over £10,000 on these little labels!) So the moral of this story is: “even worthless wine can sell, if you buy an expensive sticker”


Couldn’t agree more with your dislike of hyperbolic wine promotion - there’s a lot of it about, but generally not at TWS.


Okay, another one. Nothing wrong with how it starts…

In 2014 Gianluca and his dad, Elio, decided to produce just one Barolo - a blend of their two iconic vineyards, Casa Matè and Chiniera. They agreed that the total was greater than the sum of its parts: and we agree.

Then later it is noted that…

We didn’t taste the original wines, but it’s absolutely certain that the blend has worked brilliantly.

Okay so you agree that the total is greater than the parts, why?


Ha ha!

“We haven’t made any comparison, but we’re absolutely certain that one is better than the other.”