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The Most Challenging Wine-growing Region


Hi guys,

I am reading an article about Santorini or even Lanzarote vineyards and their unique vine training management.

Do you guys know any other wine region where it is super challenging to grow grapes and make wine?


Parts of CĂ´te-RĂ´tie and and the Mosel are notoriously steep - I think they can approach 60 degrees sometimes.

Oh, and the Bekaa’s had its challenging moments over the years…


Switzerland is pretty hard to grow/harvest grapes, along with Portugal as you can’t really mechanise the picking - its all done by hand.


Growing grapes in Aberdeenshire, anyone??


… or Sweden, for that matter? :thinking:


ice wine ?


I have tasted wines from Sweden and Denmark while judging at the IWC - the Danish was a sparkling rosé made from the rondo grape - the Swedish was a sparkling white made from solaris. It was a few years back, but from memory the Swedish wine was commended while the Danish won a bronze medal.


Don’t think you’ll find many flat vineyards in Madeira. Up to 65 degrees I believe! And none too stable at that seems like most of Madeira is in the process of falling into the sea. There isn’t even enough flat land for a proper international airport so they have had to build a partially supported runway:


That makes the runway longer than it used to be! I remember landing on the old one. We slammed into the start of it with reverse thrust blazing away and brakes on. Just about stopped at the far end, where you could peer down over the end of the runway into the sea. Takeoff was equally fun - the plane could not be fully loaded with fuel so either had to fly to a neighbouring island to tank up, or as far as Lisbon before continuing. White knuckle stuff!


That doesn’t surprise me it; looked pretty new. I arrived on the tall ship I was on last November and we were all looking at it as we approached trying to figure what it was. From a distance it looked like a bridge going nowhere. Only figured it when an aeroplane eventually took off!


Syria is definitely challenging.
Somehow they are still producing and exporting wine! Such as Domaine de Bargylus, where the owners haven’t been able to visit the vineyard in 7 years and “manage” the property remotely.


The vineyards of Ribeira Sacra give me vertigo just looking at them…


That’s supposed to be very very good stuff. I haven’t tried it - but I’ve had Marsyas, the Lebanese wine made by the same people, and it was very swish. Big, but balanced, and needs time.


Think the Mosel is fairly steep


Urziger Wurzgarten !

I once stood at the bottom of that vineyard and just looked up in wonder and amazement.


Steepest vineyard in Europe is the Bremmer Calmont on the Mosel. You need grape pickers with mountaineering skills.

Volcanic Islands like Santorini and Lanzarote are also pretty tough to grow wine (but with great results, using similar vine growing methods)




I’ve only tried a few Canadian wines - is Norman Hardie in disgrace? I haven’t heard much about him since the stuff that came out last year - but I understand parts of winemaking regions in Ontario can get down to -23/24C, which sounds pretty challenging!


He does a great Chardonnay :yum:


…but he only thinks with his pinot.