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The listening Wine Society - faster delivery of en-primeur

Having moaned (again) to TWS about the fact that wines I have ordered en-primeur are already available from other wine merchants I am pleased to announce that this has been registered and “escalated”. According to TWS marketing person who rang me (apologies for being rude about marketing in general) TWS agrees this is wrong and they will make an effort to shift en-primeur orders faster.

Not much in our corona virus ridden world, but a step in the right direction.

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I am not bothered about my en-primeur clarets; in fact I’m happy for TWS to keep them in their cellar, as the wines need aging.

Moment they are released I’ve got to pay TWS to keep them in their cellar.


I’m with Peter M, there is nothing I buy en primeur I want faster, the slower the better and less cellaring charges !


And that was part of my gripe.

I’ve ordered some cheap and cheerful Burgundy that is perfectly ready to drink now, but TWS is hanging on to it.