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I was flicking through this website

@CBiscuit @lapin_rouge
Hm it takes me maybe 30 mins for my chef’s knife (Wusthof) to get it to the point where it will slice through a tomato and I normally sharpen when I get resistance from an onion. That’s with a double sided whetstone (500/1000) at maybe just over 20° Feels like a long time to me. I might try the Sharpie idea.

I really fancy a carbon steel blade though, a Blok knife is on my wishlist.

Carbon steel will feel so much nicer to sharpen than your Wusthofs, which are hardened to about HRC 56. Carbon steel for kitchen knives is harder, around HRC 60-65 depending on steel type. 20-25 degrees is about right for Wusthofs (it’s more acute for Japanese knives around 10-15) but as long as you’re hitting the edge, it’s more important to try and keep the angle consistent. You can remove the sharpie with nail varnish remover when you’re done. If you do get a carbon steel knife, you’ll want to invest in a higher grit stone as it takes a keener more refined edge compared to stainless and 1000 grit might be a bit too ‘toothy’.


I think I need to qualify my timings on the whetstone. I hone my knifes pretty much every time I use them (as I was taught in a couple of kitchens some 45 years ago) then once in a while I sharpen them on a whetstone (maybe a couple of times a year). I would hope that at no time would my knives fail the “tomato test”; they should always be able to cut a tomato skin, even a very ripe soft one. If not they would go straight to the whetstone. So when I do use a whetstone I rarely find I need to more than twenty or so strokes on each side on each stone.

My earliest kitchen knives (those same 45 years ago) were carbon steel and, whilst they were a pain to keep clean, they were much easier to sharpen hardly ever needing a whetstone; I always found a steel more than able to maintain the edge. The only problem is that they lose their shape rather more quickly.


I’ll PM you

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Thanks for the heads up - arrived today and looks/feels great. Not a tomato in sight unfortunately…


oooh nice! Looks great. Hope you’re pleased with it. Pleasingly quick delivery too.

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Did you slice them all into oblivion?


Really pleased, thoroughly recommend Maksim at Japanese Natural Stones for his help getting this to me quickly and economically.

Tomatoes still safely in the shop, fingers another matter! (Joking - about the fingers)

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