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The Knife Thread

Seeing there are a lot of keen cooks here and given a cooks main utensil is a knife (and given the recent thread drift)… it might make sense to have a thread on knives. I do admit to owning to many and mainly Japanese. Most stored on a wall mounted magnetic rack (from Ikea).

You really only need 2 knives… a chefs one and a paring one.

My collection now:

IO Shen knives - I have a chefs knife a paring knife, a filleting knife, a santoku knife and a cleaver… the guy who comes around to sharpen them (I also use a whetstone otherwise) from time to time swears these are some of the best he deals with, so that is a good sign. They also keep their edge pretty well.
Tojiro Senkou - these are beautiful and feel much more robust, I have a chefs knife, a boning knife and a paring knife and use these (not the boning knife) alternating with the IO Shen ones
Blok knives - hand made in Derby (25 knives a week) to my shame I have one of these in a box at the back of a kitchen cupboard, I actually cut myself trying to unpack it (wickedly sharp) so stashed it away… also not like I need a third chef’s knife, so keeping it there till the kitchen doubles in size…

Is this only my slight obsession?


Nope, you’re not the only one. Lovely knives at japanny.com (and in these days of sitting at home, the geek factor in tracking one’s purchase across the globe adds a certain frisson). Having truly sharp knives - as opposed to truly expensive knives - is a joy.

I keep missing the boat on Blok knives. Always gone by the time I click through!


I got one made for me… waited over a year in the queue.

Me three :grinning: I did a butchery course a few years ago and developed a bit of an obsession. Not often I get to put butchery skills to use, but learning to sharpen a knife properly was the most useful thing I learned. I really like a Chinese cleaver for most veg prep, took a bit of practice to get used to but I can’t go back to chefs knife now. I’ve used Kitchen Provisions before, they have a good selection of Japanese knives with a pretty broad price range. I’ve got my eye on this for my next birthday:


This is what I have and all I’ve ever used/needed! (plus a bread knife!)

oh yes, very true… I do have an IO Shen bread knife, it is great

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Yeah my current bread knife is seriously crappy and I’m wondering about the Wusthof double serrated one:

I use Wusthof classic for my chef knife, paring knife and carving knife and fork.

Victorinox mostly for everything else, as it doesnt make sense paying £40-100 for my bread knife and oyster knife etc.

I agree for oyster knives you do not need something expensive, I just got the one the fishmonger sold… you are not really cutting anything.

I’m rather intrigued by Huusk knives. Not sure whether it’s really just a bit gimmicky though.

They just need to be strong and have a hand guard. No need for anything fancy. A chain mail gauntlet is tempting but hardly justifiable!


They do look pretty, but not compatible with how I grip my knives. Sometimes you just need some beautiful objects, though.

not justifiable, but desirable


I just use a Victorinox chefs knife. I’d like Japanese and will one day but don’t know enough to buy comfortably.

My knife sharpening guy moved half way across the country last year, so it’s a bit blunt right now :frowning:

I have a five piece Tojiro Senkou set. They were a gift from me to me when I finished my degree and were part of a clearance at about a quarter the price they are now.

They’re in dire need of a professional sharpening at the moment.

The rate at which I seem to snap oyster knives, I am considering actually buying something more hefty.


Just to bring the tone/price down… I’ve got a bit of a thing for a cheap paring knife. I find this serrated one amazing for tomatoes and it’s particularly pleasing that it has a matching red handle.


Always bought Wusthof. Also bought whetstone and a top quality steel.

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I swear by Tojiro Senkou, and we have a few of them now; we know a shop in Taipei where you can sometimes pick them up [relatively] cheap. The one I particularly enjoy using and use pretty much exclusively for all my cooking is the big-bladed “vegetable knife” - an amazing beast. Perfect weight & balance, elegant to the eyes & hands, big & easy to handle, and with a beautiful folded metal blade that’ll go straight through anything.

We have one non-branded but excellent quality knife, something like that one on steroids, that’s so heavy, razor-sharp and effortless that I’ve stopped using it and hidden it away. Its cutting power & ease was such that you’d be in a cold sweat using it just in case you slipped. It’s designed for cutting clean through bones etc, and it does just that with barely a push. Scary & rather absurd for slicing a carrot, and probably better off as part of Robespierre’s toolbox.

As for putting a knife though a dishwasher - shame on anyone who can carry out such a heinous act!


My children…


Btw, @szaki1974, I just did some shopping on that Japanese knife website you mentioned. They have some deals at the moment, which are a threat to any bank account. Thanks!

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I’ve gone with Global (Japanese brand) for chef and carving knives, and they’re good. Light, maintain an edge for a while and easily resharpened with one of their sharpeners. They developed the range a while ago and lost the classic ones in favour of Global NI - which sounds like a DUP slogan - and the blades seem thicker and less to my taste.

I’ve recently treated myself to steak knives from Nouku (https://www.nouko.co.uk/). Lovely bloke, incredibly passionate about his craft. Not cheap, but I’d strongly recommend. Doing his one day course later this year.