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Just added, for those who like a Felton Road. Edit - 3 bottles


I would, but I’m not a big gin drinker.


Have we ever stocked Rippon ? They get excellent reviews. Would love to try their mature vines pinot noir.https://youtu.be/mVvhKKnrH9A

no, never seen it on the wine society
Lea and Sandeman does stock it I think

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No but have visited the vineyard. Truely stunning scenery.
Wine weren’t bad either.

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A new NZ Chardonnay has just popped up:

Sacred Hill is a small Hawke’s Bay producer and Riflemans is widely regarded in New Zealand as one of NZ’s top chardonnays. Their top-end wines tend not to make it over here very often (although Majestic had a parcel of the 2016 a few years ago) - so am pleasantly surprised to see it pop up on the TWS list (a smart buy, I think). 2019 is supposed to be an excellent vintage for Chardonnay in Hawke’s Bay…


I’ve jumped in and bought a few, as it certainly looks like a bargain - I bought 2016 and 2017 for (the equivalent of) £35.00 and £41.25/bottle in Auckland eighteen months ago! I rate this label very highly - the equivalent perhaps of a slightly less austere Hunting Hill, but still with a rich mouthfilling minerality. Now I’ve got my order in, highly recommended!

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I obviously got my order in before my post!


Brilliant spot. Heard such good things about this wine. Falls into the no brainer category for me despite having never tasted it! . Case straight to reserves.

Its turning into a NZ month for me with having purchased a case of Ata Rangi PN last week.

Thank you for flagging.

It would be interesting if they stocked the Helmsman BDX red blend also…
I suppose you can’t have them all but this Chardonnay does sound right up my alley.


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In a good vintage, the Helmsman is excellent. I had a bottle of the 2010 a couple of weeks ago and it was superb.

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