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There is sooo much to love about NZ and its wine :grin:. If anyone has come across any websites (UK/Europe based) stocking wine from Waiheke Island I would be very grateful. I have searched and searched and really only found Man O War although for a brief period pre 2015 HTF Wines did stock Mudbrick wines and others from Waiiheke.


Yes, I love Waiheke wines (and Waiheke). I think that most of them are too small and boutique to make it here… My favourite Waiheke winery is Obsidian but I have never seen it here!


If you would like to read a bit more about the history of the NZ wine market and regions etc this was absolutely sensational…!

I never knew NZ had so many regions and gives a great recommended drinking list of which I shall be indulging in this for my birthday wine…I’m certainly a convert to Kiwi-heaven!


Lovely, lovely wine