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About last night’s dinner
It was a fantastic opportunity to try older vintages of Felton Road and learn from Nigel.
The whites with some age on it were superb and the standout for me.
It was a pleasure to have dinner with Nigel and thanks to the events team for organising another cracking evening!


Envious, I wanted to go but life got in the way. I had (relatively young) Block 1 Riesling recently and thought it was very good, albeit not very widely available in the UK.

The aged Chardonnays sound very interesting. How was the 2014 Calvert?


Really good with loads of life left and I think it will be better in 3-5 years.
What I learned from the tasting is that I will not touch any of the wines before they reach 10 years old


Is that just with the reds or the whites as well?

Both! It was an eye opener


Wow! Useful intel, thanks.

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This was my experience of a Felton Road dinner last year too!


Felton Road Block 3, 5, and Calvert available on TWS in magnums.


Email from another merchant offering 2022 Kumeu - Coddington £33, Hunting Hill £40, Mates £43

I decided I’d hold off for the TWS release this year - supporting the society and all that!

Interesting that this isn’t a candidate for first release though…

Woodwinters tend to price a little above TWS so fingers crossed.

I got a case from L&W at under TWS price of the 2021

Noted but I only want 1 or 2 bottles so TWS likely to be the best option for me.

Just a head’s up that, according to a article, the 2022 Kumeu wines are due in at TWS on 6 October.

Expected prices for the chardonnays seem to be the same as offered by Woodwinters: Estate = £21, Rays Road = £23, Coddington = £33, Hunting Hill = £40, Mate’s = £43.


Kumeu River up on the site now.


£40 for Hunting Hill too much for me. Plenty of other NW premium chardonnays to choose from. The Sacred Hill Riflemans stocked previously by TWS was excellent value at £32, however that was 2019 vintage so probably more now.