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Well, far be it from me to question JR, but the producer’s tasting notes suggest otherwise, stating 100% Malo.

Haven’t had the 2019 yet myself. I had a preference for the 2017 over the 2018, but enjoyed both. Still have a couple of bottles of 2018 left.

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Sounds like an incredibly tough times for many vineyards at the moment

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Felton Road 2021 wines are available on the site.


can see the number of views of the thread increasing, but no comments… people are busy FOMO buying I guess :sweat_smile:


It’s a shame the MacMuir isn’t in 3s. I do not have any space for more wine, but’d like to give it a go.

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the “with dark-chocolate bitterness” comment in the description scared me a bit… I prefer the usual ‘cherry and spices’ to the darker/oaky notes that seemed to imply…

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Yeah, now I’ve read the description, I think I am with you.

I’m pondering whether I get the Calvert (which I’ve had before), or plump the extra for some Block 5 (which I haven’t).

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I have had quite a bit of of Felton road over the years (even before becoming a TWS member)
I found that Cornish and Calvert were the sweet spot: you do see the step up from Bannockburn, and have never quite been able to appreciate the Block cuvees when taking into account their price (maybe I drank them too young? but the Felton road drinkability matrix says they are ok to be drunk young!). In recent vintages, Cornish Point was my preferred cuvée

Obviously, the recent price increases are challenging my personal stance as the price gap between Bannockburn and Cornish Point/Calvert has been increasing…

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No point bothering. These are destined to be propping up the shortfall in your order thread in due course .
Despite that, hard pass at those prices .

I would not expect a “shortfall” epidemic on the Bannockburn cuvée

but if your eyes are set on the Block(s), then maybe… but as you say, these prices sting…

The 2020s were around on the site for weeks with the 1 bottle per member limit, so that might help keep some of the stock around longer than previously

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WS price changes (2020 to 2021):
Cornish Point £42 to £49
Calvert £46 to £48
Block 3 £56 to £70
Block 5 £60 to £67

Block 2 Chardonnay £35 to £42

Not quite Burgundian changes but getting there in some cases.


Have succumbed to FOMO with a 3 bottle case of Block 5!


Exactly my view. Made it for a very easy decision

I did not notice this wine dinner till yesterday and thought some members here might be interested.


Tickets purchased last week

Nice. See you there.

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If the dinner had been in London or somewhere equally accessible I would have been there like a shot, but it is not the sort of dinner you want to drive to, and the public transport options for me are limited, complicated and expensive. Ruled it out for me I’m afraid.

The Premier inn across the road normally starts around £40 a night…


a good deal if you can get to bring all the unfinished bottles/mags with you to extend the night :sweat_smile:

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