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Wines from New Zealand do not seem to have their own topic in the community… Let’s fix that!

Granted, The Wine Society stock of NZ wines pales in comparison to French regions / Italy / etc… but Kumeu River wines for instance are always very popular with members! And there are more to discover.

So, I thought it would be nice to gather interest/discuss about NZ wines here.


As a first contribution, I would like to point out the recent availability - at least I just noticed today - of various Neudorf cuvées, including the famous Moutere range (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir).

In the mid-range budget, the “Block” cuvées usually attract good ratings. There is even a mixed case


Great idea setting this up, I am a big fan of NZ wines as a rule. I hope TWS gets some lovely NZ Syrah back in stock.

Neudorf is a great option, not cheap but its serious quality.

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Yes, there are some lovely Syrah options in NZ (mostly northern island, Hawke’s Bay).

A reference for NZ Pinot Noir lovers: the “Great New Zealand Pinot Noir Classification” from M. Jukes/ T. Stelzer :

with the table available via a link at the bottom of that same page:


I can hear the collective TWS mind trying to find a word to make the title alliterative.


The Kiwi Kritique…?
It’s wrong, on so many levels :thinking:


The Kiwi Wiki?
lacks in cachet…

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Big fan of a lot of New Zealand wine, and having visited I can confirm it’s a lovely place too.
Over the weekend Kumeu river Villages 2019, just superb for the little it costs, and whilst I love the other cuvée, more expensive,you feel you must have an occasion to open one.
Neudorf are just great too. Had them in Nelson when there. Not sure that you I need to buy the top wine to get the feel of the quality.


Nothing to do with wine, but these days this song is more pertinent than ever.

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Sauvignon Blanc especially from Marlborough is the devils work, but the more we buy of the good stuff the more of that s**t they’ll pull up and plant decent varieties.


How about Kiwi-pedia?


As a born-and-bred Kiwi, I am very supportive of this topic! Are there any other kiwis in the community?

I assume you mean North Island - most good NZ syrahs are from Hawkes Bay (where I was born), which is very definitely in the North Island.


Although one or two Marlborough syrah, most don’t compete.

Oi! Wash your mouth out for such comments. It’s often a bit in-yer-face and ultimately boring, but the society stocks some excellent NZ Sauvignon Blancs. Anna’s Way is great stuff.


Love Fascinating Aida! A bit dated but as you say even more relevant today - though sad they had their own terrorist outrage in the meantime. Still, we can but dream of ever being let in to NZ again.

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On our one and only trip to NZ a few years back we did a great tour of Central Otago wineries with a company called Pinot Thyme, oh yes great name! He was a wine maker himself and gave us some choice as to which vineyards we visited. It definitely included Felton Road, Aurum, Mount Difficulty and Wooing Tree.

We were so impressed by the sheer variety that you just don’t see over here in any quantity. Rieslings, Pinot Gris, Chardonnays, stickies, sparkling as well as the compulsory SB and PN, both of which we enjoyed as well. We are definitely not SB haters.


For @MPlant Kiwi Keepers, Killer Kiwis, Knockout Kiwis, Kiwi Knowledge?

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my mistake! let me edit my post

By the way, I was told by a former kiwi colleague who was into wine that some wineries in NZ would adapt their wine to better suit an international taste (for cuvees they export), so that there was a some difference noticeable style-difference in say “local NZ market SB” vs “export SB”…
did you noticed the same?

I like that! changed.

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On last night’s Desert Island Wines on TWS Instagram feed, Fiona Beckett was the guest and included Kumeu River’s Coddington chardonnay as one of her three choices.

Sadly, presently out of stock but their Estate Chardonnay is listed and I would recommend (and it is a little more wallet friendly than the Coddington).