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Has anyone tried the new vintage Exhibition Barolo 2016 yet. Great vintage but not sure if its a blend specially put together for TWS.


In anticipation of the impending 2018 EP campaign, and as a little light reading for all Nebbiolo aficionados, I thought I’d post a link to this excellent resource on the soils of the Langhe…


Also in anticipation of the EP offer and to start the spending I got a case of this.
Shame TWS did not offer it last year.


Yes, this was very good last time I tried… (did not like the dolcetto though)
Bought from the EU I guess?

I was about to but then found a merchant in London that had 2 cases in stock

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An interesting alternative to the TWS label. Both are 2016 and under £30


This is back in stock if you missed out the first time…

Barolo Bussia, Silvano Bolmida 2010

I bought one bottle and had a small coravinned glass - very good nose, excellent medium to full body and decent acidity, but not over the top. Tannins present, but smooth and enjoyable. Will be arguing with myself all afternoon about the logic of buying a case vs being broke… a perennial topic!


So very tempting. At just a £2 premium vs the 2016 Exhibition (it’s basically the same wine isn’t it?) makes for 6 years of very cheap cellaring.


Yes but not recently, Cerreto is a big outfit with four wineries, two I think produce Barolo.
The Bricco Rocche Winery does five or six of their best Barolos and I visited again when we had a place there not that far from San Remo if anyone knows the area.
It is always difficult to give an opinion when you have not tasted a given wine for a long period, but I never got that excited about any Cerreto wines up to the mid/late nineties, yet the name was always revered!
Prapo is very near if I remember the top Barolo cuvee produced, those older vintages were all drinkable and enjoyable but I purchased better and cheaper Barolos during that period, today perhaps someone else can shine a light on the quality, oh and his Arneis was rubbish then.
Some recent vintages have been very well recieved.

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I nearly bought some of this about 3 weeks ago but it went out of stock just before I was about to push the button. Aparently that was the second time it had appeared on the list. So this is it’s third outing.
I’ll not be tempted this time as I squandered my cash on some of the Exhibition Barolo 2016 and Rizi Barbaresco 2018.


Tempted to try this unusually flavoured Barolo:


Please share the tasting notes

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I had the 2008 recently (ish, when I think about it 2020?). Seems built for ageing. Nice enough wine for the money though.

I wonder what a black glass blind tasting would bring to light…

Ah. Read on. Chardonnay!

I really hope that is true :rofl:

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Has anybody tried the Rizzi Barbaresco 2018, yet?


I am intrigued by the drinking date, which is listed as now to 2028. I know that the Society’s drinking windows tend to be on the conservative side but the US wine critic, John Gilman, is suggesting a drinking window of 2035-2085! I know that Gilman has a tendency towards mature wines but even so. He loved it, by the way.

Any thoughts?


I’m intrigued by JG’s scores over the last couple of years. He had a tendency to score lower alcohol, (relatively) lighter bodied wines (I’m sure there are exceptions) the highest, which is why I always used to pay attention to him, but is now dishing out high scores like a rapper with a pile of dollars to higher ABV, seemingly fuller bodied wines.

Change of palate, change of market that he’s appealing to, or genuinely appreciates these wines? Really couldn’t say. But there does seem to be a shift.


I think it’s down to taste. I drank a bottle of the 2017 last year and it did exactly what I wanted it to. Crunchy, high acid, fruit forward, spicy ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb. It wasn’t (e.g. the 2016 Produttori) so tannic that it felt grainy at that age, but did clearly still have the chops to make it long term. If you want a cherry bomb drink now, if you want a tarry forest floor drink from 2035. I really like both!

I’d possibly not drink it between 2028-2035 to be on the safe side!


Thanks, both of you for your thoughts. It sounds like it will be delicious, @strawpig, based upon your observations. I have only bought a couple of bottles but may well purchase more, given what you have said. Like you, I am able to appreciate both styles.

Interesting @Tannatastic, what you say about John Gilman. I only really came across him properly, around a year ago, when I discovered his wine letter. Communicated with him, a few times, before subscribing and have not regretted it. I had the impression that he prefers a more classical, lower alcohol style but is open to the current changes, to some extent. Came across as a really nice guy and really took time to respond to my queries. Definitely one of the best wine writers out there and has helped me to identify some great wines.

Thanks again, both of you, for responding.