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The Italian Inquirer

I managed to get 1 case of the 2015 Flaccianello purely by the dumb luck of happening to check the website at the time it was put on sale. But I agree it is frustrating for those who were not so lucky.

It didn’t look like there was a purchase limit though (I was adding multiple cases to my basket to try to ascertain stock levels). Surely a 1 case (or even less) maximum limit should be imposed for small (re)releases like this?


This is an interesting discussion at a very pertinent time for rum drinkers like myself. The ECS Foursquare 2009 was just released and on every website, there was a limit of 1 bottle per person. While not full proof, it certainly makes it harder to buy up lots of stock and it does help spread the love a little. I wonder if such restrictions should be put on wine at TWS (only on the 2nd release when quantities are more limited). The issue for TWS is that it would not necessarily sell all the bottles with a 2 bottle limit so perhaps it is a no-go for TWS. Specifically regarding wine however, I decided that I have plenty wine already (not this bottle) so I shall save my money for other things.

Have just received an email about a multi-country 2015 fine wine promotion. My guess is the Flaccianello was intended to be part of that (but just didn’t last long enough!)


The “Museum Release” has been abominably bad for my wallet, with 2015 being the birth-year of our boy and a vintage I’m always on the hunt for. I will confess to bagging some of the Flaccianello yesterday for the long-haul, among others - just my incredibly good fortune to have been sick and therefore working from home yesterday - and there are still others in there I’m hovering over. I’ve never in my life spent so much on wine as this week. Scary! One of the few times in my life I wish I had gone into a more lucrative profession than edukashun. What is this “disposable income” thing I hear about sometimes?!


I’m avoiding even looking at it for this reason (and lack of storage space!). I also have a lot of '15s already (though not as many as my '16s!).

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Good choices. I’m really enjoying my 2015 Fontodi CC - only a couple left though. They are lovely young but do benefit from a couple of years wait. :wine_glass::it::wine_glass:

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New to the list


Just in case there are any Taurasi desirers beyond myself around at the moment:

Taurasi Riserva Piano di Montevergine Feudi di San Gregorio 2013 recently added.

I’ve not had one of these in years, but remember it being a very decent glass of wine :~}


The Brunello 2017 EP offer is live: Brunello 2017


Paging @willrcwyatt ! And anyone else for that matter.

Is this one we’re going for?

I’m torn.

I don’t have much Brunello, but 2016 (the good vintage) was variable. I’ll try and dig out the Jancis link on how it was variable. So 2017 is a less good vintage and with a few exceptions seems to be £££er. If I go for anything it’ll be something that’s stayed the same price (Costanti and Val di Suga have gotten cheaper, which I’d like encourage!).


For me it’s a “small top up” rather than a “buy everything” vintage. Plus there are still 2016s to be had, and I need to convince myself that money isn’t better spent there.


This is my trouble, I am still being sent interesting offers of 2016 Barolo which seem a more urgent need. I have a feeling there will be no need to rush to buy these wines.

I will move on over to the specific Brunello 17 thread now…

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I’m out, I’m afraid.

As tempting as it was to continue my La Casaccia vertical, there really is no way to avoid the issue - this was a poor vintage. As @Prufrock mentions, there is still a fair bit of 2016 around from Piedmont and Tuscany, and the sensible money will be spent there.


Your money is better spent there.

Famous last words?

Don’t you just love this time of year? This one, and a few of his mates for a risotto tonight, or maybe just on toast, and of course something red and Italian to go with it.


I genuinely mean it this time! Shocking, I know. I shelled out a quite HORRIBLE amount for the Produttori Cru 2016 Collection (partly) because I knew I’d swerve this offer.

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A fine specimen. Lucky enough to find it?