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The Italian Inquirer

Question is: does this confirm or disprove your Italian blend from Australia as the next bin series??

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Disproves it I reckon. Loads of “alternative” Aussie stuff out on the website, if you were going to launch an Aussie alternative as Bin 10 then now would be the perfect time.


Possible extra exposure for the new range offered by the limelight of the bin series social media presence?

(I think we’re straw-clutching here, but speculating is over half the fun, isn’t it? :smiley:).


Ah hmm I did manage to get one of those bottles… Really? 500? Is it that good? Anyone had had here?

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If you keep an eye on WineSearcher.com the prices have been rising inexorably, with hardly a breath taken.
Subscribing on Vinous, American (in particular) collectors have been paying the market rate and crawling over broken glass in order to find stock - in quantity.
The cash spent has been eyewatering!! :rofl: :wink: :dragon:
Note Only 666 12 bottle cases made of the top Cuvee, so that those who did get the 2016 were very fortunate indeed and are now sat on a notional wine extravaganza. :rofl: :rofl: :wink: :dragon:

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Not noticed this before.


Edit - not sure why that didn’t work. Search out Conterno if you have a spare £50.

I bought 3 bottles back on 13th July



I don’t have much experience with Barolo but I saw these and 15.5% put me off. I went for 2 bottles of Colla Bussia instead.


A few bottles of this popped up.
I left 6 for the fellow members


fellow members didn’t leave 6 for me!


Is anyone familiar with Poggio Scalette Il Carbonaione, I wonder?

It ticks our boxes for “emotional relevance” to us, seems to have good longevity, seems available in my desired vintages for a vertical [06-12-13-15], all at a just-about reasonable price, and comes with pretty positive reviews on CT etc. This forum is my go-to place for thoughts on wine these days though. I did do a search on here, but nothing came up.

Normally I’d buy a bottle to get my own thoughts of course, but I can only find it in 6s.

We both love Brunello - who doesn’t - and this seems close[ish] to that. My key question is whether it may be a more “international” style Sanjo than a “proper Italian” one.

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Like a moth to a flame I was, of course, drawn upstairs. I was back in The City today and this was in Eataly which has opened on Bishopsgate, on top of Liverpool Street station.

Oh my, what an Aladins cave of Italian wine. For any Italian inquirers in the area, a detour is recommended. Great deli, Italian restaurants and they even make mozzarella on site.

Certainly cheered up my return to the office.


The other half and daughter went last week. They really liked it, but didn’t venture into the cellar.