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Quite interesting reading that WS article and then revisiting his first Barolo 2017 article a few months ago, which was much more positive. I can’t tell to what extent he’s completely changed his mind based on how the wines have developed during 2021, and to what extent the issue is that the lesser producers he’s reviewed in this week’s article just didn’t manage the vintage properly.

Personally I’m relatively glad to have confined myself just to some Burlotto, Grasso and Voerzio in 2017.


In case anyone else fancies this…

and a bit more info here


Does anyone know which merchants typically offer Barbaresco EP? WS has written a positive article about the 2018 vintage albeit that most are ready now.

It usually starts appearing on the market 6 - 9 months before Barolo of the same vintage (so summer/autumn this year), but EP isn’t as organised in Piedmont as in, say, Bordeaux - it is quite a new concept - so there isn’t a coherent, unifying strategy, in that it is very producer and cuvée dependent.

Edit: and with production values being so much smaller than most places, if you check what merchants are selling which producers now, the likelihood is that they will sell the 2018 when it hits the market. But I don’t know any merchant that does Barbaresco EP as a campaign. Maybe try Asset Wines.


Might I suggest that you should get used to using Winesearcher.com and CellarTracker.com. :dragon:

To partially answer my own question both Farr and Justerini & Brooks already have a few 2018s and I expect will add more.

I just got an email from BBR offering various 2018 Cuvées from Luigi Giordano, don’t know anything about the producer… other than they are “tremedous value for money” of course…


As always :joy:
My account manager called me this week but I didn’t answer. Very likely it was to offer the same wine or something as tremendous as that

You must be a bit of a high-roller then!.. when I contacted them a few years ago to ask if they’d alert me when the new vintage of a wine (that I had bought consistently for years from them) was available. I was given very short shrift, in a ‘that option isn’t open to mere proles like you’ sort of way :grinning:

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Are you sure? My understanding is that anyone can get an account manger.
I did a fair amount of business with them but nowhere near to be a vip

I can only relay what was said to me at the time. :grinning: