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Could be - let’s see who confesses!

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I have had a miss delivery from Vivino and received one Tenuta Santa’ Antonio Amarone instead of a 4th bottle of La Petite Chapelle PJA 2013. Have to follow up with Vivino but wondered if I should look at asking to keep this for credit back or resend of intended 4th bottle. Anyone know anything about this one.

Have a look at the web site Callmewine.com. Very bottom right of home page you can change to English, then search amarone. Your wine is the first bottle on the 5th row of wines.

Sorry I can’t manage to post a link as I can’t get anything to work.

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looks like it is quite cheaper than the petite chapelle… I’d ask for the credit back

2011 La Serra - Marcarini

I had what I can only describe as an underwhelming experience with a bottle of this last night. Opened and decanted c75 minutes before dinner straight out of the eurocave, there was nothing on the nose either in my exploratory first glass right after decanting nor as we sat down. I had a glass of day 2 burgundy to compare with (my final, and it has to be said least impressive, Bellavoine '18) and this was streets ahead in the aromatics department. So my nose was working but I can honestly say that the Barolo had nothing. No funk, nothing unpleasant, just nothing. I could barely detect fruit, and it had nothing in the way of florality or whatever the term for nasal elegance is. Really disappointing. I am posting this here as I am a Barolo novice and maybe my expectations are completely out of whack.

In the glass and indeed the decanter the colour was translucent medium red. There was definite brown/cinammon tinging on the edges, presumably a function of age. In the mouth it was great. Perfect sour cherries, leathery elements, just felt very savoury with a balanced tartness - went very well with a slow-cooked ragu, a very enjoyable wine to sip, chew, move around. I just cannot understand quite how the aromatics were so muted so as to be non-existent, as my basic understanding was that like PN, Nebbiolo is supposed to deliver substantial pleasure on the nose as well as in the glass. As such I felt that half the experience simply passed me by.

The only other thing I can think of was that the cheeky pre-dinner Mocsow Mule (ginger) screwed my nose up, but it seemed not to impact the Bellavoine at all, which if anything might have been better on day 2.

I know a number of you rate this producer, this vineyard, and have had exactly this bottle before - I’ve read some CT notes that are a far cry from own - so what might be the issue here. Given the taste of the wine I cannot think that it is faulty, but why so dull on the nose?


Sounds like it could be some degree of TCA/cork taint? Clearly not in a really high level or else you would expect the palate to be ruined too, but at a lower level it is perhaps just muting aroma?

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Sounds like that to me too - aromas just stripped out

A few more helpful reviews like this and we might be able to deflate those chancing-their-arm prices on BBR :sunglasses:

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I’d agree - sounds like it has been scalped by TCA. The most annoying as it is always a “is it/isn’t it?” Feeling and you never know.

I had the Brunate ‘11 out of magnum back in October and it showed very open, so I would be surprised if the La Serra was just “closed down”. In fact I haven’t encountered a closed Barolo from ‘11 - not to say they don’t exist though.

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Third and fourth day and this is growing on me.


Walter Speller with a fuller Barolo 2017 review.


Does not bode well! Lines like A worryingly high number of wines are already getting tired. A lot of low scores and drink dates along the lines of 2021-2024. :frowning:


Wow, maybe that’s why they’re shipping them 6 months earlier than the 2016s - don’t want to miss out on 10% of the drinking window!


I wonder if some members might contemplate unloading their 2017’s, as soon as they are delivered this autumn. :wink: :dragon:

Seem to recall our sage @AnaGramWords calling this a hyped duffer of a vintage. So obviously I bought 6 Massolino.
Actually I still think they’ll be lovely so no regrets. Not just yet anyway.

Am currently eyeing the Mosconi that comes in conveniently more affordable packs of 3.


‘Drink up quick because there’ll be a new vintage that needs buying soon!’

I remain healthily sceptical of why this opinion wasn’t advanced 6 months ago. The Barolo EP messaging is becoming wearily familiar - to be fair we’ve had lots of practice with extravagantly overhyped Bordeaux - but revisionist pieces so soon after sample tasting seems to be a new norm. Covering all the bases?

(It is my personal opinion that once a wine enters investment territory, all bets are off, because it isn’t actually about drinking wine any more. The market can and will be manipulated).


I think with the Massolino you’ll be good.


I personally think that good producers will always make good wine no matter what happened in that year.
From tasting good wines from poor vintages I’m convinced that I will buy the wines from producers I follow every year no matter the vintage.


Agreed. Also keen not to miss a vintage in my vertical.


I bought 6 massolino and 6 rocche costamagna. I reckon I’ll be fine.

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I was really selective for my 2017 choices and did loads of research.
Went with 6 Baudana Baudana (same as @szaki1974 and @Leah I believe)
Higher elevation site, older vines, great producer - don’t think I’ll go far wrong with that combo.
Have also read a couple of very positive reviews.

Plus a bottle each of the Burlotto wines so again, don’t think there will be an issue.