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I was looking for slightly upmarket (£20 plus) Italian wines from TWS. Not a single brunello, nothing from Bolgheri, no barbaresco, just one vino nobile di montepulciano, only one amarone, only two barolos. The only exception is five chianti’s, but even that is not really impressive. What is going on? I do appreciate the regular EP offers, but what is currently available is nothing less than abysmal in my opinion. We (I) want more good Italian wines offered by TWS!


I agree - a noticeable lull in the Italian offering atm.


When they appear they go really quickly, so there’s clearly an appetite for them that’s more than just you (and I, and @Aspedini). I also (sometimes) appreciate the EPs, but something to drink more now time would definitely not go a-miss. I’m giving the new Exhibition Langhe Neb a go, but this doesn’t scratch the more £20+ itch at all.


Just compare the number of Italian wines offered to the French offering (really outstanding atm) and remember that Italy produces more wine than France. If the problem is that the good stuff sells out too quickly, that’s a sign that it’s worth getting more!


I’m guessing they don’t have the back-catalogue reserves from EP’s past like they do in say Bordeaux and Burgundy, as Piedmont is a relatively new thing for them (and for large chunks of the UK market).

Some mature Barolo/Barbaresco wouldn’t go amiss right now though, I was only last night over-hastily contemplating opening a 2013 :smiley:

I must admit I quite enjoyed the Manfredi Nebbiolo (surprisingly, it has seen oak) but wasn’t that taken with the Vajra Nebbiolo or Dolcetto. It would be nice to see a few more of these day-to-day ones as well as the big hitters, but I understand that production volumes in Piedmont can be tiny, so sourcing a large enough amount to satisfy demand can be difficult.


I just did a quick count up.

The Italian prices per bottle stop at £49 just now.

France has nearly 200 wines listed at over £49.

Come on. Give @Sarah some cash to splash. I’m sure Tim and Toby can spare a bit.


Agreed with all of these points. Offering is very light at the top end.

Equally, I’m waiting for the South Italy and Islands summer/garden-throating wines to be dropped. Especially the whites from Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia etc. Very very light for sunny drinking currently.


Agree the Italian range is rather light at the top end, fairly good at the cheaper end, nice to see all the Sicilian and Calabrian appearing.

Would like to see more high end wines from Campania - Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avelino, Taurasi etc and perhaps some of the best of Sardinia - Vernaccia di Oristano or something from Argiolas.

Ideally I’d like there to be regional lists like they give to France. Piedmonte and the NW, the North East, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche etc…Dream on…


I’m in, but not until after the Greek drop :slight_smile:

Let’s also hope that purchases get limited for any in-demand wines to spread the love.


Is 2007 a good vintage for Barolo and Barbaresco?

Good, but a pretty hot year. Some wines lacking acidity.

Thanks. I am looking to buy some bottles of Barbaresco from La Spinetta and the available vintages are 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17. I think getting the 08 and 17 to drink now would be the way to go, but unsure.

7s and 8s should be fine.

I really like 11 and 12 too for current drinking. Would imagine some 14s are open for business as well.


Yeah, +1 for '11, apparently Barbaresco handled the heat (in general) far better than Barolo.


Same. Bought 6 of the 2016 and thought the liquid very good and the QPR excellent. Think I still have 1 left that probably needs drinking.

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Has anyone tried this wine? Thinking of adding some one or two to my order I have coming this week. https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/HistoricProductDetail.aspx?section=pd&pd=IT31461

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I believe @Brocklehurstj has.


I’ve ordered three bottles, but they don’t arrive until Friday. No idea about the producer though, just a nice opportunity to find out more from a strong vintage. Given my less than enviable restraint, I’ll probably open one in the next 12 months but don’t think there is any rush.

Farr Vintners tasting note

Technical notes from the producer, hope your Italian is strong!



Many thanks will add two to my order now!

9 new wines added at the lower end of the scale, a few look delicious drinking for about a tenner

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