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Already sold out!

Well it wasn’t me! But I am constantly amazed at the deep pockets that the membership has, where all these goodies sell out incredibly quickly. Part of me can’t help thinking that some of this gets flipped down the line.

Given the vintage, I suspect that there were only a handful of bottles, possibly from a member’s reserves. They seem to crop up from time to time and sell out very quickly.

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Seems highly likely. There were also a couple of decent mature Rhone wines that popped up and dissapeared almost immediately, so I assume there were one or two cases of each. Possibly all from the same source.

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It might be of interest to several of you here to know that the people behind Ultravino have launched UVenoteca to provide a curated range of Italian wines by the bottle. There are some lovely bottles there, some of which are pretty niche.

I have no commercial connection, but have been a satisfied customer of Ultravino since they launched. I tried to resist spending more money on wine this month but the pull was too great and I bought six bottles last night.


Yes, I saw this yesterday, marvellous news

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Marvellous news indeed, although I am slightly mystified by the bags of Pornstar Martini for sale alongside such Langhe treasures.


Me too. Thanks for the tip.

Goes between the Dolcetto and Barbera in a traditional Piemontese meal.


Anticipation…I love it when trying a new producer’s wine for the first time. After all the 2017 Barolo expectation and associated 1st World problems analysis, I was ready to try this one.

Decanted for a couple of hours and served on the cool side to let it gently come to room temperature, this had glorious aromatics on the red fruit/cherry spectrum to start with, slowly evolving to a more nuanced darker tapenade and leathery note while retaining a fresh and balanced impression. Without too much Barolo experience, I feel this sits somewhere half way between traditional and modern, but happy to take clarification from the cognoscenti :slight_smile: Only possible distraction for me is the 15% abv which is noticeable, although I wouldn’t say it has a warm/hot vintage feel.

Just wish I had known when the 2016 offer came out.


And arrived this morning (super quick delivery). If I get a more exciting delivery (to me anyway) this year I will be surprised!


Cheeky little 16% Barbera in there!

I’d very much like to read your notes on those, when you drink them!

No picture but we went for these:

Boca 2015 × 1 £38.75
Romagna Sangiovese 2017 × 1 £18.00
Refosco 2018 × 1 £18.00
Pinot Nero ‘Rivella’ 2019 × 1 £18.50
Metodo Classico ‘Sansanne’ NV × 1 £21.50
Langhe Arneis Silver 2019 × 1 £18.50

A leap in the dark but the website inspires confidence.


I had a bottle of the 2016 Romana Sangiovese a couple of weeks ago. It’s delicious but still very young. I think the 2017 is more approachable but would still appreciate some air.


I will admit to being just a little bit scared…

Although, in my experience, Canonica seems to carry the abv well. The ‘15 Barolo Paiagallo was 15% and did not seem hot at all. I passed on my allocation of the ‘16 Barolo due to a circa 50% price increase (still below secondary market), but they were 15.5%. I kind of get the feeling he is a bit more open and honest (within the rules) than many others - he makes a wine he thinks is decent and doesn’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks is my impression!


More than happy to, I’ll try and put an update on this thread.

I don’t think you will be dissapointed. My note on the Boca from last September (as part of a mixed alto piedmont case):

Boca 2015 from @silviabarbagliavinoboca
Rich, spicy and enticing nose as soon as this was poured
Palate starts with deep rich black cherry and fruits of the forest. A touch of spiciness. Balanced acidity and fine tannin, although a fair bit of it. This is definitely approachable now but obviously has a lot more to give in the future.

After 48hrs
Huge nose, floral led but spice remains
Tannins in good balance, fruit a little lighter and more red fruited elements. Lovely wine.


Thanks. I’d been coveting the Boca ever since the link was first posted!

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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