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3 bottles sold at auction for 350 for the lot on Wednesday, call is 300 after the 12.5% (+VAT) commission. Once you factor getting it to the auction house you would probably be looking at £85.00 net, I would argue not worth the hassle!

That said, I’ve been enjoying drinking my 2014s young and have had 4 or 5 in the last 18 months. Perhaps it was starting to close down a bit on the last showing but perfectly approachable. The ‘14 won’t be one for the ages.

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I would happily buy a single bottle of mature Monfortino for that price… probably the only wine where I would expend that sum to try it (although it costs double that…)


Agreed, I’m probably biased but there are some bottles of Barolo that would equate to near religious experiences for me.

How we all spend our money is personal, but I’d much rather that than spend £500 in a pretentious 2 star restaurant for a tasting menu accompanied by some underwhelming wines.


Nice work Taffy. Given my experience last night with a 2011 I would welcome an earlier drinking vintage on the back of 2016. Might have to put a bit of cash aside.

Oh and I think my credit card statement closing date passes before TWD could get the Rhone EP onto it. Extra month of grace, Huzzah!


Anyway folks, not long to wait for the next vintage of the century, as Wine Enthusiast have declared the 2019 Barolo and Barbaresco vintage as a 98/100. :smiley:


This had popped up on the site.

Flaccianello della Pieve IGT Toscana Centrale, Fontodi 2010

in stock

Flaccianello della Pieve IGT Toscana Centrale, Fontodi 2010

£79.00 bottle

£474.00 case of 6

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Ta for the tip off - 6 into my reserves straightaway!

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I know virtually nothing about Italian wine at the moment, I take it this is a very good one?

Yes very good, and not cheap but a good price vs market. This was probably 40-50 quid on release nearly ten years ago, you’d have to pay near 100 now I reckon anywhere but TWS.

I asked the member services in case: but there is no stock left of the remaining list for barolo 2016 EP :sob:

edit: typo fixed

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There are or aren’t?

there is not… rien, nada, nyet, walou, 無い、没有 :sweat_smile:


speculation I suspect they’ll have some for release on the main site later when they’re closer to maturity /speculation


Its interesting watching the TWS price increases on re-releases. I bought a case of 2010 from TWS in June 2019 for £71 per bottle. Still, I agree that £79 a bottle is below what you would likely have to pay elsewhere.

I think the release price 7 years ago must have been around £35-40. I bought the 2013 on release at £45 per bottle.

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I paid £27.50 for the 2004 Flaccianello in 2007. Incidentally, on the same order I had some 2004 Fontodi CC for £12.50. Happy days :slight_smile:


After tasting the Fontodi C/C 2013, £16.00 (Vinous 92/100) I vowed that my reserves required representation from the best that this Domaine could offer.
So the Fontodi C/C 2016 £19.00 was released (Vinous 94/100) and a 12 bottle case to reserves.
The Flaccianello 2013 £55.00 on the Society list (Vinous 98/100) one Christmas, a six bottle case into reserves. Not cheap, but almost perfect - so verging on bargain territory. :open_mouth:
Then the Fontodi Sorbo 2013 £35.00 appeared (Vinous 97+/100), a six scooped up.
And now the Fontodi C/C 2017 is available. £22 and Vinous 94/100. I speculate that this score sounds improbable to me. BUT Fontodi do not know how to make bad or indifferent wine, so is bound to be half-decent. :+1: And some time in the decanter would be good. The next time I place an order, I may well include a bottle.
It might be well to note that these more expensive wines can take a long time to show at their best, these most certainly not of the pop and pour variety. I checked on Cellartracker to see how the Pieve 2006 (Vinous 95/100) is evolving, still a decade away!?!? :dragon:


Thanks for spotting this! Going to collect from the showroom next week :tada:

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Thank you for posting.

I had only this week watched the excellent Zoom event from last November with Giovanni Manetti at Fontodi so was waiting for this to appear. A large Rhone EP order means I have gone for only 2 bottles which I am sure I will regret in due course (ordering only the 2 not the wine that is!).

That also means they will be cellared here and not in Stevenage which puts them in temptation’s way. I would be surprised if one bottle survives 2021 but hope to keep the other a while longer.

Also hoping flight refunds from my cancelled Nick Cave gig in Paris come through before the credit card statement hits the doormat next month!!


Good spot! I’ve got a bottle coming tomorrow so I’ll open it with dinner. I’ve got six of these slumbering away so want to check in on its progress.

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great spot, thank you.

couple of bottles now bought to add to the 2015 I already have waiting to be opened.

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